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    упражнения по английскому языку [886]

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    Ex. 9. Choose the appropriate noun from the list below for each sentence. Add an article (a/an/the) or plural (s/es) where necessary.
    Affection, spirit, information, red, damage, paper, milk,  wonder, left, glass, luggage, wood, cheese, wild, work, water,  wool, salt.  1. Brie and Camembert are only two of the wide variety of ... produced in France. 2. Many  Englishmen have explored ... of the Nile. 3. Woodworm can cause a lot of ... if it is not treated.  4. He never really loved her — he just toyed with her ... . 5.1 need ... which will match the other  shades of scarlet in the room. 6. "Hamlet" is one of Shakespeare's best known ... . 7.1 didn't  know you were short-sighted. How long have you been wearing ... ?  8. He buys ... on the way home to check the race results.  9. Sorry, sir, you can't have whisky. Our licence doesn't allow us to serve ... , only wine or beer.  10. It's a very shy animal and lives in ... ; it's rarely seen in the open fields. 11. This plant is only  found in ... of Alaska. 12. To get to the station, you should take ... just after the bridge. 13. The  girl in the travel agent's was very helpful and gave me lots of ... about Turkey. 14. Sorry I'm late  — some of my ... went missing at the airport. 15. Our dairy produces five different ... .  16.  British  ...  such as cashmere, mohair, lambswool, merino wool come mostly from the Shetlands.  17. ... occurs naturally in sea water. 18. Where are my bathing ... ? 19. The Great Pyramid of  Cheops is one of the seven ... of the Ancient World; it's the only one that has survived and  exists today.
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