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Форум » ФОРУМ » Форум английской школы » Топики (для учителей и учеников)
МародерДата: Четверг, 25.03.2010, 00:30 | Сообщение # 16
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1. My last day off
Yesterday it was Sunday, that’s why my last day off was not
long ago and I remember it quite well. I always try to do my best to
make my holidays really exciting, because we have only few days in
a week for relaxation and rest.
Yesterday my friends and I agreed to meet at my place.
First we watched a very interesting TV show “What? Where?
When?” . Then we went took a videocassette and watched an
outstanding movie “The Independence Day” . This is a story about
strangers from the other planets that were trying to conquer the
whole Earth and about the struggle against them. The movie is full of
visual effects and computer graphics that takes your breath and
makes you admire the modern technologies in the cinema. I wish our
studios and directors made such movies. “The Independence Day”
can be added to the genius pieces of modern art – that is my
Having watched the film, we decided that it was a time to go
outside. The first place we went to was the sports ground. Though it
was rather cold, we put on warm clothes and had fun. Almost all
day long we played soccer and basketball.
As for me, I like weekends and holidays, as the majority of
other people. And I like telling about my holidays. It’s dull to listen
about the ordinary working day, how do you think? Every working
day looks like another, but every weekend is different from the
other. During the weekend we have an opportunity of enjoying the
life and having rest.
philantropДата: Пятница, 09.04.2010, 00:18 | Сообщение # 17
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Exactly! It is days off that strip away the veneer of people obsessed with career and education - which is much the same - and reveal individuality.And if this indviduality thirsts for English films during days off -so much the better for this individuality!
Форум » ФОРУМ » Форум английской школы » Топики (для учителей и учеников)
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