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    10 - 11 КЛАССЫ

    10 - 11 КЛАССЫ
     Extra tasks for CLICK ON 3.
    I. Choose the right word from the list.
    Experience    hurt    apply     technical skills    absolute beginners   dedicated    pet sitter
    My younger sister loves looking after pets, that’s why she works as a ________.
    Since you want to be a cameraman, do you have _______________________?
    Jack Harrison is a ski instructor but he usually works with _________________.
    So what if you have never worked as a florist.  It can’t _________ to try.
    Have you got _________________ at all levels?
    A really big record company is looking for a bass guitarist. Shall I __________ ?
    This old doctor is so _______________. He cures people night and day.
    II. Fill in the appropriate job.
    1.     Harry thinks that the most interesting in his job is investigating crimes and chasing the criminals. He is so happy that he is a(n)______________________.
    2.     ________________________ look after our teeth.. Why are people so scared of them?
    3.     I like it that ___________________________ are becoming polite. It’s even more pleasant to do the shopping now.
    4.     To be a good ____________________ you have to perform tricks very well.
    5.     Thanks God, his __________________ is very caring and treats him so good.
    6.     My little cousin is pretty good at taking pictures. Probably one day she’ll be a _______________________________.
    7.     One has to be really dedicated to be a _______________________ because they carry out scientific researches day by day.
    8.     Do you think it’s easy to run an office and to be a fair _________________________?
    9.     Lindsey is crazy about buns, rolls and cakes, so her dream is to marry a ________________.
    10. Do you fancy going to the opera house and hearing the opera? They say the new ____________________ is terrific!
    11. There are a few mistakes in the financial accounts. I’m sure the ___________________
    will explain the situation.
    12. Nowadays it’s not difficult to sell flats and even houses, so _______________________
    have a lot of work and money.
          13. Jinny has always wanted to be a _______________________ that’s why she loves working at the puppet show.
    14.The job of a _____________________ seems very easy but it’s not right.   They have to   get up early, go to the dairy and deliver milk until eight or nine in the morning.
    15.You need to have technical skills to be a _______________________ and shoot films.
    16.Working as a ____________________________________ is great fun because I find out interesting information about celebrities and write it in the newspapers.

    III. Fill in the right job.
    A _______________ is someone who works underground.
    A  ______________ is someone who sells flowers.
    An _____________ is someone who designs buildings.
    A ______________ is someone who fits windows.
    A ______________________ is someone who deals with guests in a hotel.
    A _______________ is SOMEONE WHO OPERATES ON PEOPLE.

    Make nouns adding the necessary suffixes:

    Stupid   formal   weak   neutral   neat   real   blunt   fond   ill   superior   Christian   serious


    1) Don’t laugh! I don’t think you understand the …  of the situation

    2) The principal religion of this area is …

    3) The teacher gave a special mark for …

    4) He proved his … by winning easily.

    5) Switzerland has a record of  … in past wars.

    6) He spoke with such … that many people were offended.

    7) … kept him away from work for a week.

    8) I was surprised by the …  of this occasion. All  men wore dark suits and ties.

    9) Engineers found a … in this bridge. They’ll have to strengthen it.

    10)The French … for wine is well known. They like it a lot.



    1) seriousness  2) Christianity 3) neatness 4) superiority 5) neutrality 6) bluntness  7) Illness 8) formality 9) weakness 10) fondness


    Make nouns from the following words:

    Curious   vain   simple   anxious   brief   generous    necessary   clear   gay   various


    1) He spoke with great … . Everyone understood.

    2) There is no … to take exam if you don’t want to.

    3) We were  disappointed by the … of our stay in Paris. Two days was not enough.

    4) The children looked at the foreign  stranger with … .

    5) There is increasing  … about the missing children.

    6) He is famous for his … . He gives large sums to charity.

    7) In spite of his fame, wealth and success, he lives a life of great … .

    8) He is  always looking at himself in the mirror. What … .

    9) In a big city like London there is always a … variety of things to do in the evening.

    10) The music, dancing and decoration gave the party an atmosphere of great … .



    1) clearness 2) necessity  3) brevity 4) curiosity 5) anxiety 6) generosity 7) simplicity  8) vanity 9) variety 10) gayety


    Make nouns from the following words:


    Tragic   courteous   jealous   envious   cruel   hypocritical   certain   beautiful   difficult   furious   royal   safe   loyal


    1) … is another word for politeness.

    2) NSPCC stands for National Society for the Prevention of … to Children

    3) The English Lake District is a place of great natural … .

    4) …  and … mean more or less the same.

    5) During the bombing, children were taken to a place of … .

    6) The newspapers described the deaths in the air crash as … .

    7) At first he had great … in understanding the language.

    8) That entrance is reserved for … other important people.

    9) People reacted with … to the President’s speech and thousands of people attacked his palace.

    10) He says everyone is equal but he treats his employees badly. What … .

    11) I think they’ll arrive tomorrow, but no one is sure. There is not much … about it.

    12) His wife supported  him through all his troubles. She showed great … .


    Keys: 1) courteousness 2) cruelty 3) beauty  4) jealousy/envy 5) safety 6) tragedy 7) difficulty 8)royalty 9) fury 10) hypocrisy 11)  certainty 12)loyalty



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