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    10 - 11 КЛАССЫ

    10 - 11 КЛАССЫ
     Phrasal verbs
    Replace the words in brackets with a suitable phrasal verb. (Make any other nesessary changes).
    go for             turn up           look after
    take after       hold up           go in for
    look into         go off             try out
    run out of       get over         do away with
    call off            go along with   come up with
    1. The trouble with Frank is that he never (arrives) on time.
    2. John, I'd like you to  (examine)  that coplaint we recieved this morning.
    3. The bomb (expoded ) with a loud bang wich could be heard everywhere.
    4. He was walking through the park when a strange dog suddenly (attacked) him.
    5. I won't be a minute Jan, I just want to (test) my new tape recorder.
    6. You can't have a sandwich I'm afraid. We've (used our supply of) bread.
    7. Yes, I'll (accept) that.
    8.  Because of a heavy downpour the proposed open-air concerthad to be (cancelled).
    9. Why don't you (enter) the "Miss United Kingdom" contest Una? I'm sure you'll win.
    10. John, would you (take care of)my handbag while I go to the toilet?
    11. I wonder first (thought of) the idea of wearing seatbelts in cars?
    12. What a lovely baby! He certainly (resembles) his father, doesn't he?
    13. His father still hasn't really (recovered from) the death of his mother.
    14. Because of an accident on the line between Brighton and Victoria my train was (delayed). 
    15. He's been feeling so depressed lately that he feels tempted to (kill) himself.
    Keys: 1. turns up;2. look into;3.went off;4.went for; 5. try out; 6. run out of; 7. go along with; 8. called off; 9. go in for; 10. look after; 11. came up with; 12. takes after; 13. got over; 14. held up; 15. do away with.
    IN THE FOLOWING TEXT MATCH PARAGRAPHS AND PICTURES. Put a picture from the list below the text above each paragraph:
    DOODLES: FORGET PSYCHIATRISTS - ANALYSE YOURSELF WITH THE HELP OF DOODLES Most doodles are done subconsciously when you are holding a pen in your hand and just happen to start scribbling. However, there is more to these "diagrams of the unconscious” then meets the eye. Free from the restriction of the conscious mind, they can be a useful insight into your character and personally revealing many important aspects of your secret hopes, ambitions, fears and dreams.
    picture 1
     A. Faces are a sign of sociability or lack of it. If you doodle happy, smiling faces (1), you have a friendly, out-gaping disposition which people respond to, and you enjoy an active social life. You also have a tendency to be sentimental. If your faces are grumpy (2), this may indicate anti-social tendencies. Faces looking to the right (3) are a sign of gregariousness and anticipation about the future; to the left (4), a sign of shyness and reserve.
    picture 2
    B. Bare and narrow trees show a lack of warmth, while landscapes demonstrate coldness and spiritual weariness. You’ve probably been disappointed in love or could even be suffering from a minor ailment that needs attention. picture 3 C. Confused lines and squiggles show that you are a bit of muddlehead, lacking the organisational ability to cope with everyday living. This makes for chaos and a lack of self-control.
    picture 3
    Confused lines and squiggles show that you are a bit of muddlehead, lacking the organisation ability, lacking the organisational ability to cope with everyday living. This makes for chaos and a lack of self-control. 
    picture 4
    D. Houses are wish-fulfillment doodles indicating a desire for a home, family, children and happiness. How you doodle your house is important. If you have curtains at the windows, smoke coming out of the chimney, little trees, flowers, figures, a path or a fence, you are seeking emotional security and a happy, fulfilled marriage away from the outside world. Beware of becoming too complacent if your house isstark and bare with no embellishments or signs of life, no door or garden, you are lacking love and warmth in your life, no door or garden, you are lacking love and warmth in your life. If you build a house in layers, each layer separate, - you could be too houseproud, too eager tomake your loved once do your bidding and jump to attention. A little untidiness in a house makes the occupants feel comfortable, secure and reflecting to let yourself go now and then.
     picture 5
    E. Filled in or shaded doodles with heavy pressure are often a sign of aggression or anger. The heavier the pressure the more angry you feel, the lighter the pressure the more likely you will be to use sarcasm and a highly developed critical faculty as a defensive.
     picture 6
     F. If your doodle resembles a web, you are making a cry for help in solving a problem. You feel trapped, and are seeking a way out, or perhaps even want to travel, try out new ideas and spread your wings. But you lack confidence to step out into the workd on your own because of the web you’ve created around you.
    picture 7
    G. Knives, daggers, guns or thin and anguish strokes show aggressive behavior pattern and sometimes even sadistic tendencies. Such things as whips and instruments of torture can reveal inherent masochistic tendencies.
    picture 8
     H. Heavy lined shapes are often a sign that you’ve built a barrier between yourself and the external world. You keep your emotions in tight check because you feel that you can’t cope with them and yet underneath that carefully erected barrier you know that once you meet the right person all will be well.
    picture 9
    I. Hearts, flowers, animals with furry cocks, entwined letters and groups of faces indicate that you’re in love. You enjoy day dreaming and building castles in the air. Sentimental, kind affectionate and spontaneous in your emotion you long to belong to someone special.
    Keys:picture 1 - 6; picture 2 - 8; pictutre 3 - 7; picture 4 - 2; picture 5 - 4; pictures 6 - 5; picture 7 - 3; picture 8 - 9; picture 9 - 1;
    IN THE FOLLOWING TASK THE PICTURES SHOW THE STORY OF A STRAY CAT.Can you write a 1-page story about the cat's adventures?
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