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    10 - 11 КЛАССЫ

    10 - 11 КЛАССЫ
    These are signs and notices from all over the world. Fill in the missing words in these ads and you will get a chance to share the exquisite  humour of the authors. 

    Regret / feed / lost / except /dogs / waitress /enough / guarantee /send / other / bar /have /door/ customer / guard/lock.

    Sign in a Bucharest hotel 
    The lift is being fixed for the next day. During that time we _________ that you will be unbearable.
    sign in a Tel Aviv hotel
    If you wish breakfast, lift the telephone, and our _________will arrive. This will be ________ to bring your food.

    Sign in a Copenhagen airline ticket office


    Sign in a doctor’s surgery in Rome
    Hospital sign
    Sign in an Indian 
    Sign in a Norwegian hotel cocktail lounge

    Sign in an Istanbul hotel
    Sign in a Moscow cemetery

    YOU ARE WELCOME TO VISIT THE CEMETERY WHERE FAMOUS Russian and Soviet composers, artists and writers are buried daily, __________ Thursdays.
    Sign at a hairdresser’s
    Haircuts half price today, only one per _____________

    Sign in a Budapest zoo
    PLEASE, DO NOT ________ THE ANIMALS. If you have any suitable food, give it to the_________on duty
    Sign in an Irish hotel  
    Please do not _______ the door as we have _______the key.

    Supplementary reding. "Money and finance".
    Read the text and arrange the paragraphs into the correct order. What book is it from? What was the continuation? 

    1. Woland enquired Koroviev,': 'do you find the people of Moscow much changed? ' The magician nodded towards the audience, still silent with astonishment at seeing an armchair materialize from nowhere. 

     2. 'I do, messire,' replied Faggot-Koroviev in a low voice. 
      'You are right. The Muscovites have changed considerably . . outwardly, I mean ... as, too, has the city itself. . . Not just the clothes, but now they have all these . . . what d'you call 'em: tramways, cars . . .' 
      'Buses,' prompted Faggot respectfully.  
      'But naturally I am not so much interested in the buses and telephones and such like . . .' 
      'Apparatus,' prompted Faggot. 
      'Precisely, thank you,' drawled the magician in a deep bass, ' as in the much more important question : have the Muscovites changed inwardly? ' 
      'A vital question indeed, sir.' 

     3. 'My God--it's real money!' came a joyful shout from the gallery. 
      'I wish you'd play cards with me if you’ve any more packs like that one,' begged a fat man in the middle of the stalls. 
      'Avec plaisir!' replied Faggot. ' But why should you be the only one? 
    You shall all take part! Everybody look up, please! One! ' A pistol appeared in his hand. ' Two! ' the pistol was pointed upwards. ' Three! ' There was a flash, a bang, and immediately a cascade of white pieces of paper began to float down from the dome above the auditorium. 

      4.Turning over and over, some were blown aside and landed in the gallery, some fell towards the orchestra pit or the stage. A few seconds later the shower of money reached the stalls and the audience began catching it. 

     5. Hundreds of hands were raised as the audience held the notes up to the light from the stage and found that the watermarks were absolutely genuine. Their smell left no doubt: it was the uniquely delicious smell of newly-printed money. First amusement then wonder seized the entire theatre. From all over the house, amid gasps and delighted laughter, came the words ' 
    money, money! ' One man was already crawling under the seats. Several more were standing up on their seats to catch the drifting, twisting banknotes as they fell. 

    6. From the dress circle a voice was heard shouting: 'Let go! It's mine--I caught it first! ', followed by another voice : 
    ' Stop pushing and grabbing or I'll punch your face in! ' There was a muffled crash. A policeman's helmet appeared in the dress circle and a member of the audience was led away. The excitement rose and might have got out of hand if Faggot had not stopped the rain of money by suddenly blowing into the air. 

      7. Two young men, grinning purposefully, left their seats and made straight for the bar. A loud buzz filled the theatre : the audience was galvanized with excitement.  

    8. 'Well, now,' replied the magician reflectively. ' They're people like any others. They're over-fond of money, but then they always were . . . Humankind loves money, no matter if it'smade of leather, paper, bronze or gold. They're thoughtless, of course . . . but then they sometimes feel compassion too .... they're ordinary people, in fact they remind me very much of their predecessors, except that the housing shortage has soured them.. .

    1. Find the translation of the following words in the text:

    - Ухмыляться, отправиться прямиком к бару, сострадание,
    Задумчиво, нехватка/недостаток, бездумный, предок, квартирный вопрос, развлечение, вздохи, хватать, возбуждение, изумление/ удивление, ударить по лицу, оживленный, водяные знаки были абсолютно подлинны. 

    - Маг кивнул на аудиторию, всеобщее оживление все нарастало и могдо выйти из под контроля, вперемешку со вздохами и радостным смехом, купол зала, вежливо подсказал.

    Translated from  Russian by Michael Glenny, 1967 Collins and Harvill press, London

    Lesson on the topic "Travelling"

    1. Individually and spontaneously, write down on a piece of paper the typical characteristics of a set of nationalities

    • The French are... 
    • The Irish are ... 
    • The Italians are ... 
    • The Spanish are ... 
    • The Dutch ... 
    • The Germans ... 
    • The Swiss ... 
    • The Swedish ... 
    • The Americans ... 
    • The Japanese ... 
    • The Indians are ... 

    Try to insert the expressions in the sentences and to translate them.
    1. My older friend is in a habit of _______ing ________________ to me. 2. Their party was such a _______________. The guests were shocked by his behavior. 3. When I go on a business trip I always miss a lot my _____________. 4. How did you like the evening yesterday? – Well, it was quaite a surorise for me to find out it was a ________________. 5. He felt so sympathetic! – After that what he has done it was only ________________________! 
    to talk like a Dutch uncle — 
    Dutch feast - 
    Dutch supper -
    Dutch comfort - 
    Dutch , my old dutch —  
      Syn: wife , woman

    2. Arrange the parts of the story in the correct order.
    Adventure travel is one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry. 
    It could be the thrill of it all, or maybe just a desire for something different. 
    What might inspire an accountant to travel to the Amazon River for a journey into the heart of darkness? 
    But one thing is clear -- it's not just the adrenaline-fueled set that's adventure traveling these days. 
    Why would a suburban housewife make her way to Brazil to bungee jump from a suspension bridge?

    After you are done with the text pay attention to the following expressions that you’ve come across: составляющая часть, самый быстрый, бухгалтер, желание, темнота, наполненный, провинциальная домохозяйка, подвесной мост, прыжки с моста с помощью эластичного троса, вдохновлять.
    3. Think of the following:
    • Do you prefer active or relaxing holidays? Why? 
    • Which is better, package tour or a tour you organize and book yourself?
    • Would you rather go to a place where there are a lot of people or to a place where there are few people?
    • Where did you spend your last vacation? Your summer vacation? Your Christmas vacation?

    4. Who said that? Do you agree with the following? Why?

    - When preparing to travel, lay out all -               - J. R. R. Tolkien
    your clothes and all your money. Then
    take half the clothes and twice the 

    - Not all those who wander are lost.                     ~Susan Heller 

    - No road is long with good company                   - Turkish Proverb

    5. Give your opinion on this saying:
    The traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes "sight-seeing." 

    - Daniel J. Boorstin

    Aim: one does not read all the sentences in the same way, but one relies on a number of words- or                     
             ’cues’-to get an idea of what kind of sentence ( e.g. an example, an explanation) is likely to
            After reading each of the sentences in column 1, look at column 2 and choose the sentence which
             you think is most likely to follow.
    The average person in the world now uses approximately 43.000 calories per day.
    However, there are few “average” people in the world.
    Some people use far more energy than that, while most use far less.
    An average citizen of the so-called “ developed” countries uses 136.000 calories each day
    a) However, there are few “average” people in the world.
    b) However, calories are essential to live.
    c) Some people may use more.
    a) Most people should use far less calories.
    b) The Egyptians, for instance, consume 9.200 calories a day.
    c) Some people use far more energy than that, while most use far less.
    a) An average citizen of the so-called “developed” countries uses 136.000 calories each day
    b) The number should be much higher.
    c) But on the whole, everyone consumes far too many calories.
    a) In Japan, for instance, the average figure is 74.000 calories per day.
    b) However, more than two-thirds of the world’s people live in the “developing” areas, where the average person uses only 8.200 calories of nonmetabolic energy daily.

    Two -in -one – stories
    A prompt: begin with the first sentence about the Queen
    It was announced today that the Queen
    has run off with ? 1,000,000.
    She is expected to travel to Washington
    but didn’t report for work.
    Staff said the money was in Atlantic City, famous for its casinos,
    The police have been told and
    to open a British Trade Fair.
    Sarah Lewis, a bank employee from Suffolk
    is going to visit the United States.
    She left home as usual this morning
    to speak to the American President
    and will tour the East staying
    in a large leather briefcase.
    before going to New York
    airlines have been given her photograph.
    What Did he Mean?   /poem/
     В этом стихотворении можно убрать несколько последних слов их разных строф и дать ребятам самим восстановить их.
    Now what shall we talk about, Anthony Gray?”                                                           
    That’s what I said to my nephew one day.
    “What shall we talk about? Something, forsooth,
    Crammed full of knowledge and brimming with truth.
    Shall we take each in order it comes - Grammar, geography, history, sums!”
    But Anthony pouted, and Anthony frowned, He glared at the ceiling, he glared at the ground.
    Then murmured, while sulkily twiddling his thumbs:
    I don’t care for grammar, geography, sums; History is wretched, I am sick of it too.
     I thought you would tell me some tales that were true -
    Something about the old battles and kings,
    Of  sailors and barons and similar things.
    You know - there was Arthur, and Alfred the Great -
    Do on, Uncle, do! It’s a pity to wait.
    There was Edward at Crecy and Percy the Bold;
    And Raleigh, who went to Guiana for gold,
    And Grenville -
                “But Anthony, dearest, said I.
    You say you find history awfully dry.”
    “So it is”, he declared, from the first to the last;
    But I always love hearing old tales of the past.”
                                       John Lea
    The throw-away spirit or the spirit of wastefulness has become part of American life and consumption only keeps rising. Besides, according to the economists, we depend so much on this wasting and buying that people will probably be encouraged to consume even more in the years to come if the US economy is to prosper. In other words, these marketing experts say that “the average citizen will have to step up his buying by nearly fifty per cent in the next dozen years, ot the economy will sicken”. This means that the producer of household commodities, i.e. a television manufacturer, will have to find some new means of making further sales since nine out of ten American homes nowdays have one television set. He could, for instance, launch a campaign to induce people to have a second TV-set so sophisticated that people would wish to replace their old set.”
    a). Find at least one instance of synonymy:...............................................................................................
    b). Find at least one of antonymy
    c). Find at least three markers of equivalence:
                Which of these words introduce:
    ·      an example:...................................................................................................................................................
    ·      a rephrasing of what has been said before...................................................................................................
    ·      an equivalent expression:.............................................................................................................................
    d). Using general words to cover more specific ones:
                i) As an instance of “producer of household commodities”, the writer mentions..........................
                ii).In the text, “the marketing expert” is one instance (i.e. it is less general) of what the writer meant when using the word “economist before. The relation between the two words can be shown as follows:
                economist emarketing expert
                Can you complete the follwing relationship?
                producer of household communitiese
     Read this funny letter attentively and correct all the mistakes.
    The cellar, Quiet Nook
    Dear Mrs. Editor! I have ritten to you wonce before, but you did not print mi letter. My mistrisses say that perhaps it wos so badly spelt; but now I can spell quite well - at anyrate as well as a kat can be xpected to spell in human language. I am a harf-Pershun, and very hansome. I have a butiful coat and I am shure no kat can beat mi shirt-front.Mi mistrisses have too luvely plump birds - a brow won and and a yello won. I do not bother much about the brown won becos I no he is old and must be rather tuff. But the other one looks very juicy. By mi tail-tip! How it makes mi mouth water to think of him! I lonng to have him for mi supper. I have asked my elder mistriss to rite this for me, as mi paw is not the rite shape to hold a pen.: or rather becos pens are not made the rite shape for mi paw. But I do not let her help me with my spelling, becos I want you to sea how much I have improved since the last time I rote. Now I must end. Pleese print mi letter. With much luv.
    I remane, yours purrably
    Purr Waller
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