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    7 - 9 КЛАССЫ

    7 - 9 КЛАССЫ
    prepositions and directions
    1) Look at the map and describe how to go from one place to another.
    Example: From the park to the Cinema 2:
        Go down Elm Street past the high school.
        Go across 6th Street and turn right
        Go along 6th Street past the restaurant and Cinema 1.
    Now do it on your own:
    1) From city hall to the tennis court
    2) From Sax Brothers to the department store
    3) From the park to the cleaner’s
    4) From the bookstore to the library
    5)From the police station to the drugstore
    6)From the post office to Sax Brothers From the park to the church
    7)From the cleaner’s to the tennis court.
    Directions: Look at the picture and answer the questions using the prepositions given.
    1. Where is the man in the parking lot standing? (between)
    2. Where is the parking lot? (beside)
    3. Where is there a sale?
    4. Where is the door to Sax Brothers? (to the right of)
    5. Where is the black car parked? (next to)
    6. Where is the white car parked? (on the opposite side of)
    7. Where is the parking lot sign? (above)
    8. Where is the shop window? (below)
    9. Where is Sax Brothers located? (on)
    10. Where are the tall buildings? (behind)
    More than one meaning
    The following newspaper extracts, headlines, etc. are written in such a way that there is an extra unexpected meaningto the one that was intended - often with amusing results! Try to explain the "other" meaning.
    1. It is bad manners to break your bread and roll in your soup.
    2. Dinner special: Turkey $6, Chicken or Beef $5; Children 3,5$.
    3. POlice discover crack in Australia.
    4. Dealers will hear car talk Friday noon.
    5. Two sistes reunited after 18 years in checkout queue.
    6. Thugs eat than rob restaurant owner.
    7. A man who almost strangled his wife was given the second chance by the judge.
    8. WAnted: man to take care of cow who doesn't smoke or drink.
    9. We saw many bears driving through yellowstone park.
    10. For sale: bulldog. Will eat anything. Loves choldren.
    11. She died in he home in which she was born at the age of 88 yers. 
    12. Our bikinies are exciting and different: they are simply the tops!
     Definitions - "parts of the body" expressions.
    Fill in the missing words in the sentences below.
    a brainwave                             all fingers and thumbs               down in the mouth
    cheeky                                       to put one's foot in                       to stick one's neck out
    wet behind the ears                 hair-raising                                  heartless
    an eyesore                                 off one's head                              nosy
    to see eye to eye                       to show a leg                               a pain in the neck
    with someone
    1. ______________is something (often a building) which is ugly to look at.
    2. ______________means to say the wrong thing or to say an awkward mistake.
    3. To be ____________means to be depressed.
    4. Someone who is _____________is a very irritating, tiresome person.
    5. If you are __________ it means you are cruel. 
    6. To be _________ means to be mad or crazy.
    7. ____________is a sudden, clever idea.
    8. A person who is ________ is very inquisitive - especially about the things which are none of his business.
    9. ____________means to agree.
    10. ____________ means to take a risk.
    11. A _________ person is someone who is rude or impolite.
    12. If something is _________ , then it is frightening.
    13. I fyou are __________ , you are young and inexperienced.
    14. A person who is __________ is a clumsy person.
    15. ______________means to get out of bed.
    Read the joke below and decide which word (a, b, c or d) best fits each place. There is an example at the beginning (0)
    The vacuum cleaner salesman
    THe old lady was (0) __________ dusting her cottage deep in the countryside when (1) __________ was a nock at the door.
    "Good morning, madam," said a well-dressed young manwhen she opened the door. "What a lovely house you've got", he siad, (2) _______________ his way into the house. "I've got something to (3) ____ you that I'm sure you'll be realli interested (4) ____."
    "But," started the old lady, before being (5) __________ by the young amn who had now pulled a large bag of soot, dust and other small (6) ________ of rubbisg from his pocket and was (7) ______ them over ther carpet.
    "Don't worry", said the young man. "What I have in my car outside will soon (8) _________ all this rubbish, dust and soot, and I'll clean your other rooms too. In fact my new machine is so (9) __________ that it will even suck out all ground-in dust and dirt (10) _________ this". As he spoke, he used his  (11) ____________ to press the soot and dust into the carpet.
    'But..." tired the old lady again, but without (12) _____________ success as the young man had quickly gone out of the front door.
    A few minutes (13) ______________ he reapeared with a very moden -looking vacuum cleanr.
    "Now, where can I (14) ___________ this in? he asked.
    "Probably the nextvillage, about ten miles away", replied the old woman. "The electricity (15) __________ hasn't (16) _______________ here yet".
    0   a   hardly        b         busy         с      active    d    trying 
    1     a   it                    b      came             с there              d    suddenly
    2     a   pushing           b       getting          с putting           d    placing
    3     a   demonstrate    b      show             с  try out           d    present
    4     a   of                   b         with            с  for                d  in
    5     a   persuaded       b      interrupted     с    butted         d    influenced
    6     a   ingridients       b      topics            с    containers    d    items
    7     a   sprinkling        b      spraying        с   gathering      d  distributing
    8     a   take off           b       put away      с    remove       d    destroy
    9     a   expensive       b     effective         с    strong          d    organized
    10   a   as                   b       such            с    like              d        similar
    11   a   heel                b       shoulder       с  ankle             d  thigh
    12   a   some              b        much          с none               d    little
    13   a   later               b       ago              с after                d   following 
    14   a   connect          b         jon             с insert               d    plug 
    15   a   companies      b       wires            с power              d    supply 
    16   a  arrived            b         appeared    с reached           d    started
    Find these expressions in the text: была зянята вытиранием пыли, хорошо одетый молодой человек, демонстрировать; достал большую сумку с сажей, пылью, грязью и разными мелочами; засасывать; без особого успеха; появился снова.
    Do the matching to check how well you understand the meaning of the words:
    1. to demonstrate    показывать
       show               демонстрировать
       present           показывать
       try out            представлять
    2. to persuade            пререкаться,перебивать
           interrupt             прерывать, обрывать
           but                     влиять
           influence             убеждать
    3.  to sprinkle        сбрызгивать, разбрызгивать
            spary            собирать
           gather           распылять, орошать
           distribute       распределять
    4.    to connect      включать в розетку
              join            присоединять, подсоединять
              insert         соединять, связывать
             plug            соединять вместе разрозненные части
    5.    expensive     эффекивный   
           effective       организованный
           organised      дорогой
    Translate: вставить замок/вставить слово в предложение; собраться с силами,сцепить руки.
    Я был связан с этой фирмой. Подключи СД плеер пожалуйста.
    Translate into Russian: 1. When the plug is inserted in the socket the lamp can be lighted. 2. Shesprinkled the linene with some water as she was going to iron it. 3. Spray the wate к on the flower cause it's very hot otday. 4. Help me to persuade my parents to go on this trip with you. 5. He could never but his father. 6. Spray the deodorant in here, the smell is really strange. 7. This exercise is really effective for your muscles. 8. Please, gather all the toys in your room. 9. Can you please destribute the copies among the students. 10. This company supply us with wires and cables. 11. They arrived late as their train had been delayed. 12. They have reached their goal. 13. She appeared so suddenly that he looked surprised as if he had seen a ghost.
    What potential dangers does the kitchen present for the child?
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