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    книги бесплатно [350]
    Главная » 2009 » Ноябрь » 9 » Идиомы

    [abide by] {v.} To accept and obey; be willing to follow. Abasketball player may know he did not foul, but he must abide by thereferee's decision. The members agree to abide by the rules of theclub.
    [a bit] {n., informal} A small amount; some. There's no sugar inthe sugar bowl, but you may find a bit in the bag. If the ball hadhit the window a bit harder, it would have broken it. - Often usedlike an adverb. This sweater scratches a bit. - Also used like anadjective before "less", "more". Janet thought she could loseweight by eating a bit less. "Have some more cake?" "Thanks. A bitmore won't hurt me." - Often used adverbially after verbs innegative, interrogative, and conditional sentences, sometimes in theform "one bit". "Won't your father be angry?" "No, he won't care abit." Helen feels like crying, but I'll be surprised if she showsit one bit. - Sometimes used with "little" for emphasis, also in theemphatic form "the least bit". "Wasn't Bob even a little bit sorryhe forgot his date?" "No, Bob wasn't the least bit sorry." Syn.: ALITTLE. Compare: A FEW. Contrast: A LOT.
    [about face] {n.} A sudden change of course or a decision oppositeto what was decided earlier. Her decision to become an actressinstead of a dentist was an about face from her original plans.
    [about one's ears] or [around one's ears] {adv. phr.} To or intocomplete collapse, defeat, or ruin; to the destruction of a person'splans, hopes, or happiness. They planned to have factories all overthe world but the war brought their plans down about their ears. John hoped to go to college and become a great scientist some day,but when his father died he had to get a job, and John's dreams camecrashing around his ears. Compare: ON ONE'S HEAD.
    [about time] {n. phr.} Finally, but later than it should have been;at last. Mother said, "It's about time you got up, Mary." Thebasketball team won last night. About time.
    [about to] 1. Close to; ready to. - Used with an infinitive. Wewere about to leave when the snow began. I haven't gone yet, butI'm about to. Compare: GOING TO, ON THE POINT OF. 2. {informal}Having a wish or plan to. - Used with an infinitive in negativesentences. Freddy wasn't about to give me any of his ice-creamcone. "Will she come with us?" asked Bill. "She's not about to,"answered Mary.
    [above suspicion] {adj. phr.} Too good to be suspected; not likelyto do wrong. The umpire in the game must be above suspicion ofsupporting one side over the other.
    [absent without leave (AWOL)] {adj.} Absent without permission;used mostly in the military. Jack left Fort Sheridan without askinghis commanding officer, and was punished for going AWOL.
    [Acapulco gold] {n., slang} Marijuana of an exceptionally highquality. Jack doesn't just smoke pot, he smokes Acapulco gold.
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