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    Главная » 2011 » Март » 11 » Английский язык для школьников №10
    Английский язык для школьников №10
    Английский язык для школьников №10
    1. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в нужном времени:
    Ann: Do you like travelling?
    Bill: Yes, I (like) travelling very much. It (be) my hobby. I always
    (take) my camera with me and (take) pictures of everything that
    (interest) me: the rains of ancient buildings, the sights of cities, views of
    mountains, lakes, valleys, waterfalls and even animals and birds.
    Ann: What countries (visit, you) ?
    Bill: Well, I (be) to Italy, Greece, Russia and India. Some day I
    (go) to the United States. My cousin (live) there. She (invite)
    me several times already. When I (have) enough
    money, I (go) to the States.
    Ann: I (be, never) to any of these countries. When
    (be, you) in Russia?
    Bill: Two years ago.
    Ann: Did you go there alone?
    Bill: No, I (go) there with my father. We (visit)
    Moscow and St Petersburg, the most beautiful cities of Russia.
    Ann: I (want, always) to travel to other countries,
    but I (have, not) the opportunity. I (go) to Germany
    in my childhood, but I (be, not) ; anywhere since them.

    2. Из четырех вариантов (А), (В), (С), (D) выберите единственно правильный:
    1. In , there are a lot of car accidents in the streets of big cities.
    (A) a rainy weather (C) the rainy weather
    (B) rainy weather (D) rainy weathers
    2. Our English lessons at school were very boring. We long exercises
    and learn a lot of grammar rules by heart.
    (A) must to write (C) had to write
    (B) must write (D) to write
    3. Alice said that her parents in a week.
    (A) will come back (C) would come back
    (B) comes back (D) had come back
    4. Who to take part in our concert?
    (A) does want (C) want
    (B) do want (D) wants
    5. The policeman asked me if I the car accident.
    (A) have seen (C) had seen
    (B) saw (D) had been seen
    6. What places of interest in St Petersburg have you visited?
    (A) another (C) else
    (B) other (D) others
    7. You had to stay at home yesterday, ?.
    (A) isn't it (C) hadn't you
    (B) had you (D) didn't you
    8.1 haven't seen the film yet and
    (A) neither has my brother (C) neither saw my brother
    (B) my brother has neither (D) neither my brother
    9. Mary has been shopping since morning, but she hasn't bought
    (A) any (C) nothing
    (B) something (D) anything
    10. Isaac Newton is men in the history of science.
    (A) one of the greatest (C) the 'greatest one
    (B) one of greatest (D) the one greatest
    11. For breakfast they usually have cornflakes with .
    (A) the milk and the sugar (C) milks and sugars
    (B) a milk and a sugar (D) milk and sugar
    12. Mrs Black told us
    (A) clear up the table (C) that we clear up the table
    (B) to clear up the table (D) we must to clear up the table
    13. There are a lot of legends about the English king William I, who is known
    William the Conqueror.
    (A) for (C) like
    (B) as (D) to
    14. By the time he was 25 Alexander the Great the whole
    East from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indus River.
    (A) was conquered (C) conquered
    (B) had been conquered (D) had conquered
    15. Parents want their children
    (A) to be happy (C) happy
    (B) be happy (D) being happy
    16. Many people go to Egypt .
    (A) in order see pyramids (C) so to see pyramids
    (B) to see pyramids (D) seeing pyramids
    17. She wants to be a doctor .
    (A) when she will leave school (C) when she is leaving school
    (B) when she leaves school (D) when she left school
    18. Ann is interested _ foreign languages.
    (A) for (C) in
    (B) about (D) on
    19.1 know Nora Norman. I her at a party a couple of weeks ago.
    (A) met (C) had met
    (B) have met (D) was met
    20. The earliest known manuscript of Beowulf _ in the British
    (A) keeps (C) is keeping
    (B) kept (D) is kept
    21. The four great deserts of central Australia 2,000,000 square
    (A) covers (C) covering
    (B) cover (D) are covering
    22. Beethoven was completely deaf.
    (A) In his latest years (C) In his lasting years
    (B) In his last years (D) In his lasted years
    23. My daughter's husband is my
    (A) brother-in-law (C) cousin
    (B) nephew (D) son-in-law
    24. You can put this shirt on. It's .
    (A) dirty (C) dry
    (B) wet (D) torn
    25. I'm very fond of music. What's at the opera tonight?
    (A) on (C) run
    (B) in (D) going

    4. Переведите следующие предложения на английский язык:
    1. Волга — самая длинная река в Европе, не так ли?
    2. Кто старше, Ольга или Маша? — Ольга. Она на три года старше Маши.
    3. Два месяца назад мы получили квартиру в новом 16-этажном доме на 5 этаже.
    В нашей квартире 4 комнаты, кухня, ванная и маленькая прихожая.
    4. У меня много английских книг. Ты можешь взять любую.
    5. Когда мы с другом вышли на улицу, было холодно и дул сильный ветер.
    6. Почему ты не ходил вчера в школу? — Я плохо себя чувствовал.
    7. Мой младший брат Майк любит давать советы своим друзьям.
    8. Если мы не поторопимся, мы опоздаем на поезд.
    9. Фильм был лучше, чем мы ожидали.
    10. Мама заставляет меня каждый день делать утреннюю зарядку.

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