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    TEST 10
    Find and correct the mistake:
    1. Walt Disney was used to make numerous visits to Disneyland to find out what the needs and interests of the public were.
    2. If James B. Connolly would not take part in the first modern Olympic games in 1896, he might have graduated from Harvard.
    3. Margaret Sanger made the people to see the need of birth control.
    4. If we continue to exploit nature there should not be enough resources left for future generations.
    5. I have not learned cycling as I have been afraid of falling and hurting me.
    6. It is imperative that all processed food be approving by the Food and Drug Administration for hygienic standards.
    7. Not much scientists have the time or verbal skills required to become literary writers.
    8. Although coal has to been in use since prehistoric times, it is only since the 18th century that coal mining has become a major industry.
    9. For best results eggs and cheese should be cooked over gentle heat, isn’t it?
    10. Although it started life as an apprentice to a soap boiler, William Colgate was to become immortalized in toilet products.
    11. The kinds of trees that shed their leaves in autumn is known as deciduous trees.
    12. The plants make their own food through a process called photosynthesis.
    13. On the eve of the launch of euro cash in 12 countries, Kinnock predicted the notes and coins would become a second currency in Britain faster than was expected, regardless of whether it replaced sterling officially.
    14. There is usually no charge for using a library but however for overdue charges and certain specialized services.
    15. As any family lawyer, Relate counselor or understanding bartender will tell you that Christmas holidays produce more divorces than at any other time of the year.
    16. Many of the techniques that and instruments that have made possible the sequencing of the human and other genomes – the hereditary blueprints for all forms of life – derives from physics and engineering.
    17. In January, the United Nations-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change officially declared that "most of the observed warming over the future 50 years is likely to have been due to the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations”.
    18. Recalling his interview with the actor, Henabery Brownlow says that he does not expect the actor to talk four hours.
    19. Chaplin had wanted some reels of his films to be destroyed but they had been saved by his manager.
    20. For to commemorate the dog Nipper, whose picture appears on old gramophone records, a brass plaque marks his grave.
    21. Businesses are finding a word processor invaluable as text can be stored in it, reused indefinitely and modification easily.
    22. The Sunday Times offer readers the chance to enjoy a seven-night holiday on the beautiful island of Madeira, flying from Gatwick.
    23. Most neighborhood agreed that there should not be a shopping mall next to the park.
    24. Fianna Fail ministers fear that further sanctions against O’Keeffe for failing of declaring his interest in a family pig farm could provoke him to revolt.

    Keys: 1.Walt Disney used to make; 2. hadn't taken part; 3. made the people see; 4. there will not be; 5. hurting myself; 6. food be approved; 7. Not many scientists; 8. coal has been; 9. aren't they? 10. Although he started; 11. The kind of trees; 12. Plants; 13. would replace; 14. but for; 15. than any other time; 16. Many of the techniques and instruments; 17. is likely to be; 18. says that he didn't expect; 19. they were saved; 20. To commemorate; 21. and modified; 22. The Sunday times offers; 23. Most neighborgoods; 24. failing to declare
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