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    скачать материалы для учителей английского языка [118]
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    Главная » Файлы » скачать материалы для учителей английского языка » скачать материалы для учителей английского языка

    [ ] 30.07.2011, 20:49

    1. Look at the names of famous people and try to answer the questions.
    1. Where is he/she from?
    2. What language does he/she speak?
    3. What nationality is he/she?
    4. What does he/she do?

    Example: a. She is from Italy.
    b. She speaks Italian.
    c. She is Italian.
    d. She is an actress.
    She is Sophi Loren.

    1. Queen Elizabeth II 4. Diego Maradonna
    2. Bruce Lee 5. Sergey Bubka
    3. Arnold Schwarzenegger 6. Alen Delon

    2. Which adjectives in the box do you think go with the nationalities below? Use your dictionary to check new words.
    Hard-working, easy-going, punctual, friendly, reserved, emotional, lazy, outgoing, hospitable, sociable, formal, casual, enthusiastic, quiet, tolerant, talkative, serious, sophisticated, well-dressed, fun-loving, respectful, humorous, nationalistic, romantic
    American, Japanese, German, French, Italian, British
    Which adjectives do you choose for your nationality?

    3. What is the stereotype English man or woman? What do you think is the stereotype for your nationality? Do you believe in stereotypes?
    4. Read and retell the jokes.


    A Yankee on holiday in Switzerland was taken by a local to the hill tops. Here the Swiss shouted:
    “Hello, there”, and after about five minutes the echo came back.
    “You can’t have that in America”, said the Swiss.
    “We sure can,” replied the Yankee.
    “Why, at my house in the hills, I put my head out of the door before I go to bed and shout – “Time to get up!” Ten hours later the echo wakes me up.”
    Enough to make a cat laugh - Достатньо, щоб розсмішити кішку («курям на сміх»)


    In the early days of the Second World War the officer in charge of a British post deep in the heart of Africa received a wireless message from his headquarters in London: “War Declared Stop Arrested All Enemies in Your District.”
    A few days later the headquarters received the following cable report: “Have Arrested Seven Germans Three Belgians Four Americans Five Frenchmen a Couple of Spaniards One Swede One Austrian Stop Please Inform Me With Whom We Are At War”.

    in the early days у перші дні
    the officer in charge офіцер-командир, начальник
    a post deep in the heart гарнізон, що знаходиться в глибині
    a wireless message телеграфне розпорядження
    Stop крапка (у телеграмі)

    Judge: What countryman are you?
    Witness: That’s hard to tell.
    Judge: What do you mean?
    Witness: You see, my father was English, my mother - German and I was
    born on an American vessel in Greek waters under the Turkish flag.
    How can you tell me what country I belong to?
    What countryman are you? Громадянином якої країни ви є?
    a witness свідок


    A typical American drives home from a French movie in his German car, sits on Danish furniture in his Italian suit, drink Brazilian coffee out of English china, listens to a Japanese stereo and writes a letter on Irish paper complaining to his Congressman that too many American dollars are going overseas. What do you think of it?

    5. Speak on the topics.
    1. English is an International Language.
    2. Why I study English.
    3. English and Business.

    ... If you are learning English because you intend to travel in England and wish to be understood there, do not try to speak English perfectly because, if you do, no one will understand you.
    ... Though there is no such thing as perfectly correct English, there is presentable English which we call “Good English”, but in London nine hundred and ninety nine out of every thousand people not only speak bad English but speak even that very badly. You may say that even if they do not speak English well themselves they at least understand it when it is well spoken. They can when the speaker is English: but when the speaker is a foreigner, the better he speaks, the harder it is to understand him. Therefore the first thing you have to do is to speak with a strong foreign accent, and speak broken English: that is English without any grammar. Then every English person will at once know that you are a foreigner, and try to understand and be ready to help you.
    He will not expect you to be polite and to use elaborate grammatical phrases. He will be interested in you because you are a foreigner. If you say: “Will you have the goodness, sir, to direct me to the railway terminal at Charing Cross”, pronouncing all the vowels and consonants beautifully, he will not understand you and will suspect you of being a beggar. But if you shout “Please! Charing Cross! Which way?” you will have no difficulty. Half a dozen people will give you directions at once.
    After G. Bernard Shaw
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