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    Главная » 2009 » Октябрь » 29 » AMERICAN PHRASES THAT SURPRISE YOU AT ONCE

    Awesome – cool, really great. Ex. I like your dress. It’s awesome!


    Hilarious – very fun. Ex. That it hilariously finny!


    Weird – really strange, inordinary, usually negative. Ex. He’s so weird, he never speaks to us.


    Grose – everything bad, dirty, ruffled, inorganized, ugly, etc. Ex. The bathrooms need to be mopped. It’s so grose!


    Bathroom – a toilet, a WC. Ex. I need to go to the bathroom.


    Sweet – nice, kind (of smb). Ex. That’s so sweet, thank you!


    Like – doesn’t mean anything in particular, is used in colloquial speech. Ex. She like goes there every day (in Russian “как бы”). Like is also used instead of “as if”, “as though”. Ex. He said that like he was really eager to get on the plane.

    Like is used to express the manner smb did. Ex. And I was like, “No!” And she was like, “Yes!”


    Yep – yes.


    Nope – no.


    Guys – people, friends (this is very common). Ex. Hey, guys, what are you gonna do now?


    Gonna – going to


    Wanna – want to


    Switch – change places, order. Ex. First I swim, you watch the children, and then we switch.


    Fishy – cool, interesting. Ex. Be fishy!


    Random – ordinary. Ex. I don’t want anything special for my birthday, I want anything random. Can be used as a noun.


    B-day – birthday


    Suck – (bad language) to fail. Ex. Her new boyfriend is the meanest guy ever. He just sucks!


    Good job! – the best appraisal for the good job.


    Ever – Ex. This is the best summer ever!!!

                       You are my best friend ever!!!

                       He has the worst car ever!


    Oh my gosh! – Oh my God! interj


    Oh man! Oh boy! – exclamations interj


    Dude – 1.guy, friend. Ex. Hey dude! How are you doing?

                 2. exclamation. Ex. Dude! Look what’s going on! interj


    Rock,v. – cool. Ex. I love the “Beatles”. They rock!


    Stuff – things, is used to speak about everything. Ex. I need to go pack and stuff (meaning “etc”); Where’s all my stuff? (things); I’m not interested in all this stuff.


    Get – understand. Ex. Got it?

                                        Gotcha. – Понятно. sl


    Y’all – you all [jol]


    Buddy – friend. At camps children must have a buddy who walks them everywhere. There’s even a “Buddy Line” song.


    Just kidding – in Russian “это шутка”.


    Porto john – or just ‘john’. It’s a biotoilet somewhere in the nature and it’s portable.


    Cookies – people who prepare food, cooks.


    To pee – to make №1 in the bathroom.


    to poo – to make №2 in the bathroom.


    Flip-flops – summer shoes. Cm: Russian “шлепанцы


    Gingerbread tents/houses – stuff made out of sweets, chocolate and M&Ms.


    M&Ms(camp) – Morning Madness(activity)


    PB – Pyjama Breakfast


    AC – Air Conditioning


    PB&J – Peanut Butter &Jelly


    Brownies – cookies, buiscit; also the unit for the youngest girls.


    Ladybug – ladybird


    Bugjuice – red juice

    I’m good. – That’s enough. Ex.  - Some more cake?

                                                        -Thanks, I’m good!


    Stuffed animal – a soft toy for children.


    Lol – laugh out loud. They pronounce this word whenever something seems funny. Cm. Russian: прикольно!

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