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    Главная » 2011 » Март » 11 » Английский язык для школьников №22
    Английский язык для школьников №22
    Английский язык для школьников №22
    1. Прочтите текст "Future King Joins Trade Union" и выберите единственно правильный ответ.
    It has recently been reported that Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and heir to
    the throne of the United Kingdom, has joined a trade union. He has become a
    member of the trade union for writers, the Society of Authors. Prince Charles,
    born in 1948, is the author of two books: The Old Man of Lochnagar and
    A Vision of Britain. The first book is a children's story in which a mysterious old
    man haunts the mountain of Lochnagar in Scotland. The second book has
    caused a lot of discussion. The matter is the Prince of Wales is an advocate of
    more traditional architecture and would like to witness a return to the principles
    of classical architecture. It's only natural that the architectural establishment has
    been angered with his views.
    Isn't it strange that a millionaire of royal blood chose to join the trade union?
    Of course, he can expect some legal services as a member of the Society of
    Authors. His Union could help him to check the contracts with publishers in
    order to make sure that he is treated fairly. He might use the Society's
    photocopying equipment a little cheaper. If he fell on hard times, he could get
    financial help from the trade union.
    Mark le Fanu, General Secretary of the Society of Authors, which was
    founded in 1884 but became an official trade union only in 1978, is happy to
    welcome the Prince to the membership of the Union. He thinks it's unlikely
    that the Prince will ever need the Union's legal services. But he is sure that
    applying for membership the Prince displays a true interest in writing.
    The Prince doesn't overestimate his own literary talents. However, the critics
    say, that unlike many other famous people, the Prince of Wales wrote every
    word of his books himself.
    The Prince of Wales is not the only and the first notable personage —
    member of the Society. Such writers as Graham Greene and George Bernard
    Shaw have also been members. A number of people who are better known for
    their public standing than for their writing have been members too. Among
    these is Sir Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, who was
    really talented with his pen. The Society unites 5000 members and many
    modern politicians are also applying for membership being novelists or thriller

    Вопросы к тексту:
    1. Which of the following sentences best describes what this passage is about:
    (A) Prince Charles rejected the proposal to join the trade union for writers.
    (B) The Prince of Wales first rejected the proposal to join the trade union
    for writers but then changed his mind.
    (C) The Prince of Wales applied for membership and joined the trade union
    for writers.
    (D) Prince Charles even doesn't think of joining a trade union.
    2. Which of the following is true?
    (A) The Prince is modest about his own literary talents.
    (B) The Prince thinks highly of his own literary talents.
    (C) The Prince is sure he is one of the most famous writers in the world.
    (D) The Prince has never tried to estimate his own literary talents.
    3. Which of the following was not mentioned in the text?
    (A) The Prince's children are happy that the Prince has joined the
    trade union.
    (B) It's unlikely that the Prince will ever need to take advantage of the
    Union's legal services.
    (C) Mark le Fanu is happy to welcome the Prince to his membership in the
    (D) The Prince has become a member of the'Society of Authors.
    4. As a member of the Society of Authors the Prince can expect: 1
    (A) advertising of his books.
    (B) meetings with his readers arranged by the Union.
    (C) legal services, such as checking his contracts with publishers.
    (D) regular salary as a writer and member of the Union.
    5. The book entitled A Vision of Britain has caused a lot of controversy because:
    (A) Prince Charles has a strong distaste for classical architecture.
    (B) Prince Charles is an advocate of classical architecture and would like to
    see a return to its principles.
    (C) Prince Charles likes very much modern architecture and shares views of
    architectural establishment.
    (D) Prince Charles supports every idea of modern architects.
    6. The critics say that
    (A) there is a group of writers who help the Prince to create his books.
    (B) his wife and his mother help him to write his books.
    (C) he copied works of some not very well known writers and used his
    name to promote the books.
    (D) he wrote every word of his books himself.

    2. Из четырех вариантов (А), (В), (С), (D) выберите единственно правильный:
    A. Several US presidents 1
    This was Spencer Perceval who
    Commons in 1812. His 3
    businessman. Bellingham was angry
    5 bankrupt. He 6_
    8 business in Russia. Perceval _
    and Bellingham 10 within a week.
    _ but only one British Prime Minister.
    2 in the lobby of the House of
    was John Bellingham, a bankrupt
    _4 the government because he
    _ and _ _7 in prison while he
    9 almost immediately
    (A) was shot
    (B) have been shot
    (A) is shot
    (B) were shot
    (A) murder
    (B) adviser
    (A) with
    (B) for
    (A) go
    (B) goes
    (A) has arrested
    (B) has been arrested
    (C) has been shot
    (D) are shot
    (C) was shot
    (D) have been shot
    (C) murderer
    (D) partner
    (D) about
    (C) had gone
    (D) had been gone
    (C) arrested
    (D) was arrested
    7. J (A) put (C) took
    (B) putted (D) send
    8. (A) had done (C) was done
    (B) was doing (D) had been doing
    9. (A) dead (C) have died
    (B) was died (D) died
    10. .__ (A) was hanged (C) was hung
    B. Suddenly
    It seemed
    6 atl
    was 7
    hide 9
    a shadow
    (B) will be hanged
    he 1 . He felt that
    4 him that he
    :he shadowy road behind him.
    dark that it 8
    . He walked on again
    There it was again. He spun arc
    12 quickly into a doorwa
    (A) stop
    (B) was stopping
    (A) someone
    (B) some
    (A) follows
    (B) was following
    (A) for
    (A) had listened
    (B) listened to
    (A) turn and look
    (B) turning and looking
    (A) too
    (B) enough
    (A) would not be
    (B) will not be
    (D) was hanging
    2 3 him.
    5 light footsteps. He
    There was no one to be seen but it
    difficult for a clever pursuer to
    holding his breath and listening
    und just 1 1 time to see
    у about three metres behind him.
    (C) stopped
    (D) to stop
    (C) anyone
    (D) none
    (C) was followed
    (D) has followed
    (C) from
    (C) had heard
    (D) was hearing
    (C) turns and looks
    (D) turned and looked
    (C) such
    (C) is not
    (A) oneself
    (В) himself
    (A) heavy
    (B) hard
    (A) in
    (A) move
    (B) to move
    (C) yourself
    (D) self
    (C) heavily
    (D) hardly
    (D) from
    (C) moved
    (D) moves

    3. Выполните письменно следующее задание:
    You have been asked to write a short book review for a school (college) English language
    magazine. Choose any book which you think might interest your fellow students. Write
    12-15 sentences

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