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    Рефераты, курсовые, дипломные по английскому языку скачать [170]

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    England is the largest and the richest part of GB. Its’ capital is London. The biggest industrial cities are London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, and other interesting cities as York, Chester, Oxford, and Cambridge.

    Stonehenge is one of the most popular prehistoric places in England. It is situate in the south-west of England. It is a circle of enormous stones (4 meters high) 80 meters across. Why it was built—is a mystery. However, there are suggestions. One explorers say that it used to be an ancient observatory (there some astronomic sence in the position of stones), others—a temple and so on.

    Salisbury Cathedral is an example of splendid English gothic architecture. The oldest of England and one of four copies of Magna Charta are situated there.

    Chester is a very important city in the north-west. The word "chester” appeared from a latin word "chesta”, which meant "forted  camp”. It used to be a roman fortress. Now there is museum of both modern and ancient toys. There about 5.000 exhibits there.

    Oxford is the home of oldest English university. Christ Church is the most famous college of university. It has a great hall, which has been built during the reign of King Henry the VIII and its’ chapel became the cathedral of Oxford.   

    Cambridge is the home of the second oldest university of England.

    York was the capital of Northern England. And it is one of the best preserved Medieval cities not only in England , but also in whole Europe. It was built by romans. Ruled by Vikings and conquered by anglo-saxon.

    Birmingham is the city of 1.500 trades, because of great variety of industries.



    Категория: Рефераты, курсовые, дипломные по английскому языку скачать | Добавил: f531 (27.07.2009)
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