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    Главная » 2011 » Март » 11 » Английский язык для школьников №20
    Английский язык для школьников №20
    Английский язык для школьников №20

    1. Прочтите текст "Acid Rains " и выберите единственно правильный ответ.
    Every year more and more plants and animals disappear never to be seen
    again. Strangely, it is the most intelligent but most thoughtless animal that is
    causing most of the problems — man. Nature is very carefully balanced and if
    this balance is disturbed, animals can disappear alarmingly fast. Every day,
    thousands of species of animals draw closer to extinction. There are countless
    number of species which may become extinct before they are even discovered.
    In many lakes the fish are dying. Fishermen are worried because every year there
    are fewer fish and some lakes have no fish at all. Scientists are beginning to get
    worried too. What is killing the fish?
    The problem is acid rain. Acid rain is a kind of air pollution. It is caused by
    factories that burn coal or oil or gas. These factories send smoke high into the
    air. The wind often carries the smoke far from the factories. Some of the
    harmful substances in the smoke may come down with the rain hundreds of
    miles away.
    The rain in many places isn't natural and clean any more. It's full of acid
    chemicals. When it falls in lakes, it changes them too. The lakes become more
    acidic. Acid water is like vinegar or lemon juice. It hurts when it gets in your
    eyes. It also kills the plants and animals that usually live in lake water. That is
    why the fish are dying in lakes.
    But dead fish may be just the beginning of the problem. Scientists are finding
    other effects of acid rain. In some large areas trees are dying. Not just one tree
    here and there, but whole forests. At first scientists couldn't understand why.
    There were no bugs or diseases in these trees. The weather was not dry. But
    now they think that the rain was the cause. Acid rain is making the earth more
    acidic in these areas. Some kinds of trees cannot live in the soil that is very
    Now scientists are also beginning to study the effects of acid rain on larger
    animals. For example, they believe that some deer in Poland are less healthy
    because of acid rain. If deer are hurt by the rain, what about people? This is the
    question many people are beginning to ask. No one knows the answer yet. But
    it is an important question for us all.

    Вопросы к тексту:
    1. This passage is about
    (A) fishing.
    (B) acid rain.
    (C) air pollution.
    (D) destructive human activity.
    2. Every year thousands of species of animals
    (A) are hunted for their meat and skins.
    (B) migrate to other places.
    (C) starve to death.
    (D) die out.
    3. Acid rain is caused by
    (A) natural gas.
    (B) the ozone layer depletion.
    (C) acidic lake water.
    (D) emissions of industrial enterprises.
    4. Which of the following is true?
    (A) Dead fish in lakes is the only problem caused by acid rains.
    (B) Scientists are sure that acid rains are not harmful for mankind.
    (C) If we don't make an attempt to stop acid rains we may never see
    some animals again.
    (D) There's no reason to worry about several trees that died of some
    unknown disease.
    5. What was not mentioned in the text?
    (A) Acid rain is capable of dissolving some rocks and stones.
    (B) Fish are unable to live in the water containing acidic chemicals.
    (C) Coal, oil or gas form dangerous combinations after being burnt.
    (D) Scientists reckon that if some larger animals can be affected by acid rains,
    people may be in great danger.
    6. Factory smoke
    (A) stays over the factories.
    (B) is usually clean now.
    (C) turns into air.
    (D) can travel hundreds of miles.
    7. Scientists think acid rain
    (A) is killing people.
    (B) helps kill bugs.
    (C) fertilizes the soil.
    (D) is killing trees.
    8. The word bug in this context means
    (A) an infectuous disease.
    (B) a small insect.
    (C) a dangerous bird.
    (D) a small animal.

    2. Из четырех вариантов (А), (В), (С), (D) выберите единственно правильный:
    It happened on a crowded bus 1 the rush hour. A boy of about
    twelve sat by the window, watching the changing scenery and pretending
    2 the old men and women standing near him.
    3 A distinguished-looking gentleman
    you 5 pounds will you stand up and _
    _ the boy: — If I
    your seat?
    — Sure! — answered the boy, smiling.
    The man took _6 out of his pocket and handed it to the boy. The
    boy took the money and stood up at once.
    — The seat is 7 ! — said the man to an elderly lady standing
    8 to him.
    She blushed and answered:
    — Thank you very much, but I can't possibly take the seat for which you
    have paid 9 !
    — 10 about that, Madam. You see, I'm an old teacher. I have
    given the boy some money to teach him a lesson. 11 is too expensive!
    The lady sat down and asked the boy:
    — I say, Bob, have you thanked the gentleman _
    gave you?

    12 the 5 pounds he
    (A) at
    (A) seeing not
    (B) not see
    (A) told to
    (B) said
    (A) will give
    (B) give
    (A) let me to have
    (B) let me have
    (A) five pounds note
    (B) a five-pounds note
    (A) your
    (B) of you
    (A) near
    (B) next
    (A) so much
    (B) so many
    (A) Not to worry
    (B) Don't worry
    (A) Some
    (B) Nothing
    (A) of
    (B) with
    (D) for
    (C) not seeing
    (D) not to see
    (C) talked to
    (D) said to
    (C) gave
    (D) had given
    (C) let me
    (D) let to have me
    (C) five-pound note
    (D) a five-pound note
    (C) your's
    (D) yours
    (D) around
    (C) too many
    (D) a lot of
    (C) Not worry
    (D) No worry
    (C)Any .
    (D) Anything
    (C) for
    (D) because

    Last Wednesday Tom Smith received a letter from the local police. In the
    letter he 1 to call at the police station. Tom. wondered why
    2 by the police. Still he went to the police station.
    At the station a smiling policeman 3 that his bicycle 4
    The policeman said that the bicycle 5 in a small village four hundred
    miles away, The bicycle had been sent to his home 6 . Tom was
    surprised when 7 the news. He never expected 8 . It was
    stolen 9 when Tom was 10

    (A) asked
    (B) has been asked
    (A) was he wanted
    (B) had he been wanted
    (A) said him
    (A) had been found
    (B) was found
    (A) was being picked up
    (B) had been picked up
    (A) on train
    (B) by train
    (A) he had heard the news
    (B) he listened the news
    (A) the bicycle found
    (B) the bicycle is found
    (A) twenty years ago
    (B) twenty years later
    (A) a fifteen boy
    (B) a boy of fifteen years
    (C) was asked
    (D) asks
    (C) he was wanted
    (D) he wanted
    (C) told to him
    (D) told him
    (C) was founded
    (D) has been found
    (C) has been picked up
    (D) picked up
    (C) in train
    (D) with train
    (C) he had listened to the news
    (D) he heard the news
    (C) the bicycle to be found
    (D) that the bicycle will be found
    (C) in twenty years
    (D) after twenty years
    (C) a boy of fifteen
    (D) a fifteen-years-old boy

    3. Выполните письменно следующее задание:
    Write a short paragraph (10-12 sentences) about your favourite actor.

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