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    Read the text, guess the meaning of the words and expressions below the text and answer the questions:

    A man from New Jersey was to go to Europe on business, but before that he had to go to New York and  only there board an airplane. Before the departure he drove to a NY City bank and said he wanted a loan of five thousand dollars. The loan officer was reluctant, because he felt slightly suspicious.

    "You should leave a collateral”, he said and turned his back to the visitor.

    "This is not going to be a problem!”, the man said and handed him the keys from his Rolls Royce”.

    The loan officer was quite satisfied,  promptly had the car driven into the bank underground parking, where it was safely locked, and gave the man 5 000 dollars.

    In two weeks the man returned and asked his car back, producing 5 000 dollars.

    "You also owe $15.40 in interest, — said the loan officer.

    The man wrote out a check and made for the door.

    The loan officer asked him to wait.

    "Sir,” he said. "While you were away, I have made some inquirires and found out that you are a millionaire. We all here are intrigued — why on earth did you need 5 000 dollars?”

    "It is all very simple,” the man said. "Where else could I park my Rolls Royce in Manhattan for two weeks and pay only $15.40?

    1) loan 2) collateral; 3) promptly; 4) had the car driven; 5) producing; 6) made for the door;


    Answer the following questions:

    1) Did the man really need a loan? 2) Do you think the man devised a clever way to park his car? 3) Do you think this situationcould be real? 4) If you were the loan officer, would you be surprised to have a Rolls Royce as a collateral for 5 000 dollars?

    Категория: Intermediate | Добавил: philantrop (25.07.2010)
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