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    Test 2


    Indirect  Speech

    1. Translate this text from Russian into English paying attention to the geographical names. Practice their pronunciation.


         В Америке есть свои Лондоны, Риммы, Парижи, Берлины, Афины, Мадриды. Немало на американской карте и русских названий. Одна лишь Москва встречается более десяти раз.

         В Миннесоте – самая маленькая Москва. В штате Айдахо – самая большая: 15 тысяч населения и университет.

         В каких штатах есть Москва? В Айове, Техасе, Мичигане, Оклахоме, Арканзасе, Миссисипи, Индиане, Огайо, Пенсильвании. В большинстве случаев эти тезки Москвы возникли вскоре после 1812 года. Тогда же возникло и Бородино в штате Нью–Йорк.

    Во время Крымской войны 1853-1856гг в США появились сразу пять или шесть Севастополей – дань мужеству защитников города на Черном море.

         В конце прошлого века переселился из Тверской губернии в США бывший Гвардейский офицер П.А. Дементьев. Занялся лесным делом. Потом на паях с американским бизнесменом Уильямсом построил во Флориде железную дорогу. Возник поселок. Как назвать? Уильямс предлагал Новый Детройт, Дементьев – Санкт - Петербург. С тех пор стоит на Мексиканском заливе город Сент – Питерберг.

    Есть в Америке девять Одесс. Лишь около двух американских Одесс плещется море. Остальные стоят в степях.

         В калифорнийской пустыне есть полустанок Сибирь. Люди, давшие ему такое название, были с юмором: это самое жаркое место на западе США.


    2. Change the following into indirect questions beginning with the words given.

    1.      Can I have some pocket money?

    The boy asked………………………………….. .

    2.      Where were you born?

    She asked him………………………………….. .

    3.      Are you still living in London?

    She asked……………………………………… .

    4.      Are you going to give me the money or not?

    She wanted to know…………………………… .

    5.      Did he bring the book back?

    I didn’t know………………………………… .

    6.      Who bought the Picasso painting?

    He wondered………………………………… .

    3. Convert into indirect speech paying special attention to the verb MUST.


    1.      Dorian shook his head, "You must not ask me about that, Basil”.

    2.      He said: "They must have missed the train”.

    3.      Mary said to Tom: ”I must have every chance to win”.

    4.      Ben said: ”He must be telling the truth. I am absolutely sure he is.”

    5.      He said: ”I’m sorry. I must have been unconscious of having said the wrong thing. I didn’t mean to hurt you”.


    4. Complete the sentences by filling in the correct form of say, tell, or ask.

    1. Alison _________ me that she was going on holiday next week.
    2. Neil’s going into town, he ________ if we wanted anything from the shops.
    3. If you see Carol ______ her that Harry was looking for her earlier.
    4. Did Anna or Chris ______ anything about what they are doing tonight?
    5. The boss ______ John that we have to finish the report today.
    6. Dave ______ that we shouldn’t wait for him because he might be a bit late.
    7. He ______ her where she would like to go for dinner.
    8. I must remember to ______ someone what time the exam starts. I don’t want to be late.
    9. Did she ______ you why she didn’t go to the party last night?
    10. Tina always ______ that she is going to quit her job and go back to college, but I don’t know if she ever will.


    5. Rewrite each of the sentences in direct speech, as in the example.

    1. He said that he would call me the next day.

                "I will call you tomorrow”.

    1. She said that she could speak Italian.  
    2. He said that he needed to go to the supermarket later that day.
    3. She said that seen that film the previous week.
    4. He asked if I would give him a lift to work.
    5. Ste said that I should go back there the following morning.
    6. When I saw him yesterday, he said that he wasn’t working today.
    7. She asked whether I was going away the following weekend.
    8. He asked whether we had played football the day before.
    9. She asked if she could borrow some money.


    6. Read the text. Make the literary translation of the text in writing.



    8.  Change these sentences into British English.

    1.      Can you go to the drugstore, honey? We need some diapers for the baby and a band-aid for my finger.

    2.      Last fall, I was driving along a freeway when I ran out of gas. Luckily, a truck driver gave me a ride.

    3.      Our apartment is quite near the subway station.

    4.      Cookies and candy are bad for our teeth.

    5.      Nothing works round here! Not only is the elevator broken but so is the faucet in the bathroom.


    9.  Give the Russian equivalents for the following: the language of Shakespeare and Marlow, pure languages, a word borrower, the speech of various Indian tribes, in the costal waters, non-English cultures, to reflect, substantial borrowings, the Spanish-speaking inhabitants, the increasing influence of the mass media, a steady infiltration of American words, a permanent place.


    10.  Translate the following sentences from Russian into English.

    1.      Aнглийский язык – язык мирового значения.

    2.      Английский язык самый распространенный язык на земле, второй по счету после китайского по числу людей , говорящих на нем.

    3.      Половина всей мировой научной литературы написана на английском языке, и люди нуждаются в переводчиках, которые помогают понять то, что написано в этих книгах.

    Это язык прогрессивной науки и техники, торговли, культуры, коммерции и международного бизнеса. Это также главный язык дипломатии.
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