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    Разработка уроков по английскому языку [19]
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    Why do teenagers come together in groups and join different subcultures?

    Well, if to speak about teens, they stand somewhere between childhood and adulthood. In other words, they are no longer kids, but not adults yet. On one hand, their body grows rapidly. So teens want to be regarded like adults, they demand freedom and independence, they protest against the parents’ control and care, they try to express their own identity and show off. That’s why teens try out all sort of options: they join different youth groups, wear shocking clothes, start smoking, drinking alcohol and even taking drugs. Some try sex at the age of 14-15. Not very clever, isn’t it?
    On the other hand, by that moment of their life teens have not reached mental maturity yet. Sexual maturity and mental immaturity lead to inner conflicts, to growth of aggressiveness, to frequent quarrels with parents and teachers, sometimes even to escaping from home. At that time the youngsters’ manners can be rude, the language – rough. Sometimes teens even can’t understand themselves – they don’t really know what makes them be so aggressive. But in fact there are several types of problems teens usually have: as I have already said, physiological problems, social, financial, psychological, and health problems too.
    Some teens have problems in communication with their mates because their clothes or appearance are not so bright. Sometimes the reason can be lack of money for fashionable clothes, sometimes parents don’t want to buy the types of clothes teens like, thinking they are unacceptable. Some parents don’t understand, that clothes are extremely important for young people, as they are their pass to the new community. If a boy or a girl has out-of -date fashion style, their mates can make a fool of him or her. It leads to social isolation, and a youngster can join some aggressive group of teens to revenge for the offence. Nobody likes to be unsuccessful.
    Another problem is lack of pocket money, and financial dependence of teens. If parents give them money, they want to know, on what the money is spent. And sometimes don’t give money at all. Some teens want to find a job, but teens are too young and it’s not easy for them to do it. So, some of teens start selling things from home or even, sell drugs.
    At the same time teachers make them obey the school rules and conform to society’s standards. Lack of respect to the youngsters’ opinions and vision of the world can result in rebellion and violence at school. As a result, many teens escape from home, from school and join groups of like-minded youngsters who can share their fashion, interests and ideas. In groups young people feel more confident and more significant.
    Категория: Разработка уроков по английскому языку | Добавил: Admin (01.10.2011)
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