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    Однажды в весенне-зелёную пору

    Я из дому вышел. Стояла жара.

    Гляжу: поднимается медленно в гору

    Студент-выпускник и цветов 3 ведра.

        И мне говорит он: инфак я закончил,

     5 лет отсидел, языки изучал.

    А хочешь, скажу, как там всё начиналось,

    Поверь мне, старик, я ни дня не скучал.

        Прикинь, прихожу я на первую пару,

    А мне говорят: открывай шире рот,

    Носи каждый день ты с собою зеркало,

    А-то без зеркала язык не попрёт.

        И вот мне поставили произношенье,

    Скажу я теперь: мы везде победим!

    Ребята, какое удовлетворенье,

    Когда меня в штатах считают своим!

       Но что было дальше, вам даже не снилось,

    Итак, медицина у нас появилась.

    Как сделать укол, как накладывать жгут-

    Всему научил нас родной институт.

    Отныне инфаковцы не пропадут!

        А коль захворает какой Склифосовский,

    То надо смотреть на сие философски.

    Недаром прослушал я philosophie,

    Могу читать лекции о бытии.

        Но это цветочки, а ягодки дале.

    Ведь старшие курсы нас предупреждали!

    Ан-нет, на методику все мы пришли

    И гордо 5 ручек с собой принесли.

        Хотели и красной, и синей писать-

    А что написали – не разобрать.

    И видно, такая уж наша судьба

    Не разгибаться часа полтора.

    В помощь учителям | Просмотров: 3708 | Добавил: f531 | Дата: 29.10.2009 | Комментарии (0)

    Here are some car claims. Thier inventive authors didn't lose the sense of humour even after the accident described...
    В помощь учителям | Просмотров: 2268 | Добавил: Gamer | Дата: 04.10.2009 | Комментарии (0)



         British education enables us to develop the abilities  of

    individuals,  for  their  own  benefit and of society as a whole.

    Compulsory schooling takes place  between  the  ages  of  5  and

    16, but some pupils remain at school for 2 more years  to prepare

    for further higher education.  Post-school education is  organized

    flexibly, to  provide  a wide range of opportunities for academic

    and vacational education and to  continue  studying  throughout


    В помощь учителям | Просмотров: 3168 | Добавил: f531 | Дата: 29.09.2009 | Комментарии (0)

    10. How I spent my last summer.

      I think summer is the best season for rest because it is warm,  nature is beautiful and we have great opportunities for rest. Summer is a time of holidays. We can go for walks all day long, watch the clouds, swim, sit down by a river or a lake on fresh, green grass, climb high hills, play different games, ride a bicycle and so on.

      I spent my last  summer holidays at my Granny's. There were a lot of things  to enjoy there. I swam in the sea, lay in the sun and did many other things. Sometimes I made a campfire with my friends at the seaside and cooked potatoes there. It was wonderful. We told anecdotes to each other, and did everything we wanted. I also got used to walking alone in the forest.

      When August was coming to an end, I went on a small voyage by ship. The name of the ship was «Olga Sadovskaya».

      But last summer wasn’t for me only sugar and honey. I was taking final exams in school and entering exams to the university and technical university. So I spent  the biggest part of my summer vacations reading books. Of course, it was not interesting, but I’m glad that I did it because now I’m a student of the best university in Primorye and the whole Far-East.


    11.My first journey.

      For some people there is nothing so exciting as traveling, and I’m not an exception. And I’m happy that I have traveled a lot and I hope that my first journey wasn’t the last one.

      First I bought a ticket for the plane. Many people think, that nothing can be compared to traveling by air, because it is the most comfortable, and, of course, the quickest way of moving. There is none of the dust and dirt of a railway or car journey, none of the trouble of changing a train for another train or for a steamer. But booking tickets in summer is a problem. The plain fare is quite expensive and not all people can afford it.

      Then I continued my way by train. This kind of transport has also many advantages. With a train you have comfort and speed combined. From  a comfortable corner seat of a railway carriage you have a splendid view of a countryside. If you are hungry you can have a meal in the dinning-car and if the journey is long, one can have a bed in a sleeper.

    В помощь учителям | Просмотров: 5051 | Добавил: f531 | Дата: 29.09.2009 | Комментарии (0)

    1. My last day off.

      Yesterday it was Sunday, that’s why my last day off was not long ago and I remember it quite well. I always try to do my best to make my holidays really exciting, because we have only few days in a week for relaxation and rest.

      Yesterday my friends and I agreed to meet at my place. First we watched a very interesting TV show «What? Where? When?». Then we went took a videocassette and watched an outstanding movie «The Independence Day». This is a story about strangers from the other planets that were trying to conquer the whole Earth and about the struggle against them. The movie is full of visual effects and computer graphics that takes your breath and makes you admire the modern technologies in the cinema. I wish our studios and directors made such movies. «The Independence Day» can be added to the genius pieces of modern art – that is my opinion.

      Having watched the film, we decided that it was a time to go outside. The first place we went to was the sports ground. Though it was rather cold, we put on warm clothes and had fun. Almost all day long we played soccer and basketball.

      As for me, I like weekends and holidays, as the majority of other people. And I like telling about my holidays. It’s dull to listen about the ordinary working day, how do you think? Every working day looks like another, but every weekend is different from the other. During the weekend we have an opportunity of enjoying the life and having rest.


    2. The library of our institute.

      «Library is a temple of  books», -- somebody said. And I fully agree with these wise words. Every person in our country elder than 14 years old, I’m sure, was at least one time in the library. The majority of young people has subscriptions to the libraries they like. The libraries not only give us a vast choice of books, but also offers excellent opportunities of having rest.

      As you know, I study at the Far-Eastern State University, and I’m very proud that its library is thought to be the one of the largest in Primorye and even the whole Far-East.

    В помощь учителям | Просмотров: 16522 | Добавил: f531 | Дата: 29.09.2009 | Комментарии (0)



    On Sunday I sleep,
    On Monday I peep,
    On Tuesday I watch TV,
    On Wednesday I drink milk and tea
    On Thursday I catch mice,
    On Friday I eat rice,
    On Saturday I have a rest -
    These are things I like best.


    В помощь учителям | Просмотров: 5051 | Добавил: f531 | Дата: 27.09.2009 | Комментарии (0)

    Have you ever seen the moo-moo
    Come to tea
     Have a look at me
     The moo-moo you will see
    Moo-moo! Attention!
     Moo - moo ! Begin  
     Right arm ! (
    поднимаем и машем)

     Повторяем первую часть и добавляем: Left arm            Right leg
    Left leg            Nod your head
    Turn around     Sit down

    These are mother's forks and knives                       
    ( пальцы обеих рук скрещены )
     This is mother's table                                       
    ( изображаем столик )
     This is mother's looking glass                         
    ( изображаем зеркальце и прихорашивающуюся маму )
     This is baby ' s cradle .                     
    (колыбелька для ребенка)

    Five little gentlemen
     Going for a walk.
     Five little gentlemen
     Stop for a talk.
     Along came five ladies
     They stood  all together
     And they began to dance.
    (5 пальчиков – джентельмены, 5 пальчиков – леди, они встречаются и начинают танцевать)

    В помощь учителям | Просмотров: 12847 | Добавил: f531 | Дата: 27.09.2009 | Комментарии (0)


    ФИНАЛ Grammar/lexis


    Task 1


    Read the text and answer the questions.




    bouncer - someone who is employed at а club or restaurant to remove people who might start any fights.


    minder - someone who is employed to protect оther people.

    В помощь учителям | Просмотров: 7339 | Добавил: f531 | Дата: 27.09.2009 | Комментарии (0)



     Correct these sentences,


    1. You mustn't to smoke cigarettes.


    2. How many people is there?


    3. You don't have eat boring food.


    4. What about go to that new pizzeria?


    5. There is а lot of children in this school.


    Task 2


    Put the verbs in brackets in the соrrect tense.


    1. Next summer we (visit) my cousin in California.


    2. I (not do) my homework today.


    3. Yesterday I (not go) to school.


    4. In the year 2100 people (live) on Mars.


    5. I think you (be) famous!


    6. (you finish) the washing-up?


    7. Last year I (start) to learn English.


    8. Next weekend Paul (have) а party.


    9. "Where is Cheryl?" "She (have) lunch."


    10. (you ever be) to London?

    В помощь учителям | Просмотров: 4288 | Добавил: f531 | Дата: 27.09.2009 | Комментарии (0)

    Задание 1

    Read the text and think of one word which best fits each space. Write the words in the boxes provided.


    A Noble Gift


    One of the most 0 famous monuments in the world, the Statue of Liberty, was 1_____to the United States of America in the 19th century by the people of France. The great statue, which was2_____by the sculptor Auguste Bartoldi, took ten years to 3_____. The actual figure was 4_____of copper supported by a metal framework which had been especially 5_____by Eifel. Before it could be transported to the U.S., a 6_____had to be found of it, and, a _____had to be built. The site chosen was an 8_____at the entrance of New York Harbour. By 1844, a statue which was 151 feet 9_____, had been erected in Paris. The following 10_____, it was taken to pieces and sent to America. By the end of October 1886, the statue had been put together again and 11_____was officially presented to the American people. Ever since 12_____, the great monument has been a symbol of liberty for the millions of people who have passed through New York Harbour to make their13_____in America.


    В помощь учителям | Просмотров: 2825 | Добавил: f531 | Дата: 27.09.2009 | Комментарии (0)

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