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    Главная » 2011 » Март » 11 » Английский язык для школьников №4
    Английский язык для школьников №4
    Английский язык для школьников №4
    1. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в нужном времени:
    P: Our special guest in the studio today is Bob Bubble. Welcome to the show, Bob.
    B: Thanks. It's great (be)__________ here.
    P: You are only 21, but you (already, sell)__________ 10 million records. How old (you, be)__________ when you (write) your first song?
    B: I (be)_________ 15.
    P: (You, take)__________ vocal lessons when you (be)__________ a kid?
    B: No, I didn't. My parents (hope)__________ that I (become)__________ a lawyer. So I (sing)__________ and (write)__________ my songs in secret — late at night in my room, when everyone (sleep)__________ .
    When my first album (appear)__________ , my parents (be shocked)__________. My father said that I (disappoint)__________ him.
    P: (He, be disappointed, still)__________ in you?
    B: No. I (think)__________ he (be proud)___________ of me.
    P: How many songs (you, write)____________ ?
    B: About 150.
    P: Bob, I know you (not, have)_____________ much free time, but what (you, do, usually)____________ when you're not busy singing?
    B: Well, I (be fond)____________ of windsurfing.
    P: One last question, Bob. Are you married?
    B: Not yet. I (get married)____________ only when I (meet)___________ the girl of my dream.

    2. Из четырех вариантов (А), (В), (С), (D) выберите единственно правильный:
    1. Everyone___________ of Bill Gates, the icon of American business and the richest man in the world.
    (A) have heard (C) is hearing
    (B) has heard (D) has been heard

    2. It was__________ cold that I put on my coat.
    (A) too (C) very
    (B) such (D) so

    3. The Internet__________ as harmless as it may seem.
    (A) is
    (B) has been
    (C) isn't
    (D) isn't being

    4. Do you mind__________ the door?
    (A) I close
    (B) close
    (C) if to close
    (D) my closing

    5. He does__________ but play computer games all day.
    (A) everything
    (B) nothing
    (C) anything
    (D) something

    6. I arrived__________ the airport with plenty of time to check in.
    (A) for

    7. I'd like__________ overnight.
    (A) that you stayed with us
    (B) you stay with us
    (C) you staying with us
    (D) you to stay with us

    8. John's been to India, __________ ?
    (A) isn't he
    (B) hasn't he
    (C) hasn't John
    (D) doesn't he

    9. I'm going to my dentist__________ .
    (A) one of these days
    (B) another day
    (C) another of these days
    (D) the other day

    10. In spite of Shakespeare's fame we know very__________ about his life.
    (A) little (C) few
    (B) a little (D) less

    11. Ann couldn't go to the theatre with us because__________ .
    (A) she had prepare for the exam (C) she had to prepare for the exam
    (B) she must prepare for the exam (D) she will have to prepare for
    the exam

    12. Neither Helen nor Andrew__________ to go to the museum with us.
    (A) is wanting
    (B) wants
    (C) doesn't want
    (D) don't want

    13. The first film of this director is much more interesting__________ the second one.
    (A) then (C) that
    (B) than (D) as

    14. By the time we got home, Alice__________ a delicious dinner.
    (A) prepared
    (B) has prepared
    (C) had prepared
    (D) has been preparing

    15. Nobody__________ being shouted at.
    (A) likes
    (B) doesn't like
    (C) is like
    (D) like

    16.I don't know who__________ your bike.
    (A) stealed
    (B) has stoled
    (C) did stole
    (D) has stolen

    17. She__________ at the bus-stop when a young man took her bag and ran away.
    (A) was waiting
    (B) has been waiting
    (C) is waiting
    (D) had waited

    18. I__________ an essay by six o'clock yesterday.
    (A) have written
    (B) had written
    (C) wrote
    (D) was writing

    19. Everybody__________ to go to the dentist at least once a year.
    (A) should
    (B) must
    (D) have

    20. I'm late, __________ ?
    (A) aren't I
    (B) am I
    (C) isn't it
    (D) amn't I

    21. She has got__________ daughter.
    (A) a ten-years
    (B) a ten-years-old
    (C) a ten-year-old
    (D) a ten-year-aged

    22. Are you sure that the__________ bus leaves at 6 p.m.?

    (A) latter
    (B) latest
    (C) late
    (D) last

    23. This newspaper is not very popular__________ young people.
    (A) for (C) about
    (B) with (D) over

    24. Michelangelo Buonarroti was__________ artists in history.
    (A) a very famous (C) the most famous
    (B) one of the most famous (D) one of famousest

    25. Please wait for me if you__________ earlier.
    (A) will come (C) comes
    (B) come (D) came

    3. Переведите следующие предложения на английский язык:
    1. Больше всего я люблю читать детективы и фантастику.

    2. Вы были когда-нибудь в Риме? — Да. — Когда вы там были?

    3. Я не смогу пойти с ними в театр завтра. — И я тоже.

    4. Статью не трудно было переводить, правда? — Да, не трудно.

    5. Я живу на третьем этаже пятиэтажного многоквартирного дома.

    6. Вы знаете, сколько университетов в Вашингтоне?

    7. Шекспиру было восемнадцать лет, когда он женился.

    8. Мне очень трудно учить стихи наизусть.

    9. Самое популярное хобби — коллекционирование марок.

    10. Она сказала, что живет на улице Пушкина.

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