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    скачать материалы для учителей английского языка [118]
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    Темы по английскому за 9 класс часть 2
    [ ] 05.03.2010, 12:58

    №8   Books

    Books bring pleasure & delight to readers. They entertain & develop owe

    imagination The bo-oks is a faithful friend. Sometimes after was read book

    we deep in fought of the problem whi-ch was discussion in it. We often read

    or hear that someone after hi read book enjoy new ides or be so delight

    that he change & began to see world in another color. Writers tries to

    portray life in it’s richness or make his story or  poem with humor for

    brought pleasure & delight to readers The book is there old tying. First

    library was founded in Egypt more then 3000years BC. At first time they

    were very rare because books were writing by hands. This process last-ed

    for many years. Nowadays there great amount Of books & you can always fined

    smoking for your rise. Books  can be About lives of different people,

    detective stores, novels, encyc-lopedias & many other. Now TV is compare

    books & some people prefer to watch films than read books, but they more

    interesting. I don’t like to read like most children nowadays, but I like

    to read novels, detective stores & fantasy have a lot of books at home also

    I can take so-me of them in the library. Now there are a lot of books & you

    can not keep all them at home but if you need a book you can go to the

    library it is a house of books. Books with us all our life. In childhood we

    liked to listened  fables .teenagers like to read adventures. They help us

    to live & understand world around us, to relax & the main reason we books

    are necessary they bring a lot of pleasure


    The city is the place where situated all  industrial  cultures  &  education

    centers. In big cities you can find museums, theaters,  clubs,  cinema  ,big

    shops &  hospitals People try  to  live  in  cites  be-cause  all  necessary

    objects are situated near For example if you ill  the  hospital  or  chemist

    shop will  situated  near  your  home  in  the  city  but  if  you  live  in

    countryside it will hard to find any medicine help  or  hospital  fare  from

    city. Also in big cites  you can fiend all sorts of  entertainment  such  as

    cinemas clubs entertaining parks & so on. Many people like  to  spend  their

    free time in clubs ,entertaining parks because it is help them  to  relax  &

    bring them a lot of pleasure It is really comfortable  that  everything  you

    need in daily life situated near you. One of the most important  comfort  of

    big cites that you can fast drive up to your job for  example.  Yes,  it  is

    really comfortable, & at first glance  everything   is  good   but  nowadays

    big cites there are a great amount of cars & factories Big  cites  suffering

    of overpopulation, duty of air, & water, The streets  became  nosy  &  after

    hard working day people can not  relax. People try to do  everything  to  go

    to countryside because only where they can  fiend  quite.  Every  holiday  &

    every week-end people try to leave their houses &go to the village.  As  for

    me I prefer to live in big cites because A lot of big  shops  situated  near

    my home, but I also like to spend my holidays in   the  countryside  because

    after I spend in city about 9 months I began to get tired.


    №10  Sport

     I think that if you don’t want to feel fit you’d better go in for one  kind

    of sport or another. I should admit that everyone must do all he can  to  be

    healthy. Good health is better than the best medicine. The  English  proverb

    «Sickness in the body brings sickness to the mind» expresses a similar  idea

    but from different point of view. All kinds of physical exercises  are  very

    useful to make our bodies strong as we want. To tell the truth  I  don’t  do

    sports regularly and it is not an essential part of my  daily  life.  but  I

    like it summer I to swim & play tennis basketball, football. In winter,  you

    can skiing & skating it is useful too. Of course, I  like  to  watch  sports

    completions  on  TV.  Fortunately,  they   show   different   ones-football,

    basketball. I like tennis  tournaments  very  much.  Also  I  admire  skiing

    champion-ships , biathlon , swimming  Doing  sports  a  man  become  strong,

    healthy and gay. He begins to take care of his health.  Certainly  in  every

    school there are sport grounds & gyms In owe  school  we  have  a  nice  gym

    .Games is popular among children.  Many  of  they  train  at  special  sport

    school where held a lot of competitions. Every year many championships  held

    all over the world. Among them the  greatest  is  Olympic  Games  a  lot  of

    Russian sportsman  also win them. We mast know that  sport  help  us  to  be

    healthy & «Good health is better than wealth»,

    №11   Education in Russia

    An educated person is one who knows a lot about many things. I think  it  is

    very important that everyone should be educated.  Each  pupils  mast  to  do

    everything to become a useful member  of  our  society.  Education  is  very

    important in our life. In the Russian Federation  the  school  education  is

    compulsory. Pupils begin to go to school at the age of 6.When they  complete

    high grades they can either continue to study at school for  more  2  years,

    or go to a professional school where they study not only main subjects,  but

    are able to learn some profession When pupils leave school they can  try  to

    continue their education in  institutes  or  universities.  There  are  many

    school types of schools in Russia: specialized,  politecnical,  musical  art

    and others. Nowadays appeared some new  types  of  schools:  gymnasiums  and

    colleges. I learn in one of the specialized schools in Moscow. To  my  mind,

    our school is very well equipped. It has a gym, a library, a computer  class

    and some labs(for example - chemistry lab or physics lab). At school we  had

    classes in Russian, literature, mathematics, English, history and so on.  My

    favorite subjects were English, History and  Russian  My  favorite  subjects

    were English, Biology & Chemistry .I like English  because  I  began  better

    understand my native language  & I need it for my future besides it is  very

    interesting to read books, listen  the  news  ,speak  with  English–speaking

    people. The Biology & Chemistry  is interesting for me  because  learn  them

    very easy & because it is interesting for  me  to  know  from  what  consist

    things around us. I like owe school because we have a very good  teachers  &

    it is interesting to learn subjects when the teacher is good. School is  one

    of owe houses in life.

    №12   Hobby

    Everyone have spare time. The time when  person  can  do  everything  he/she

    like or interested in. Some people prefer to spend their free time  slipping

    at home, watching TV or listening ra-dio; Another like  hiking  ,travelling,

    getting with friends visited galleries, cinemas or gathering something.  The

    things   which   people   like   to   do   in   their   spare    time    are

    calls–Hobbies.Hobbies can be different They divide in to 2 sorts. The  first

    it is when  person  prefer  doing  something  for  example  watching  TV  or

    travailing The  second  hobby  is  gathering  marks  corns  audio  or  video

    cassettes. As for my I like to gathering audio cassettes. I  get  a  lot  of

    pleasure Gathering cassette with music which I like. I relax then  I  listen

    music, not all certainly. Also it is interesting for me to go travel &  walk

    with my friends often visited new places & it is very exiting.  We  like  to

    vi-sited consertets ,& listen our favourite music  Also  I  interested  with

    computers I like to play computers games making programmes but most  of  all

    I enjoy with Internet  Every  weekend  I  spend  a  lot  of  time  in  Chats

    programmes in Internet  where people from all over the world meting  &  talk

    about news music ,books & many other  interesting things. Some  times  Hobby

    became a profession for example I have friend he’s  hobby  is  music  &  she

    wanted to be  pianist  .For  all  people  hobby  is  something  which  relax

    &entertain them. They help people to have a rest. Without hobbies  lives  of

    many people will be dale & ,uniform

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    1 Nargiza   (18.06.2010 05:44) [Материал]
    Very good! Pomogite pojaluista, mne nujna tema "My favourite profession" i ya doljna ispolzovat' v etoi teme future in the past, i pobol'we informatsii o siquence of tenses i future in the past.

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