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    Рефераты, курсовые, дипломные по английскому языку скачать [170]

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    Хороший учитель

    Good Teacher


                All the people are needed, all the people are important. Any school can’t manage without a good teacher. It is a prestige and a reputation of an educational institution. For those, who like going to school, in due time teachers even become friends – friend that will help you to solve different problems, will put you on a right way, will encourage a produce of your industriousness and responsibility, and, as the result of hard work, will help you to pass and examination successfully after what you will cross the threshold of and independent and a present life.

                Firstly, lets see, what kind of personality a good teacher should have on an example. Once I missed several infotechnology lessons for the reason that I had table tennis trainings at time when the lesson starts, and therefore it was necessary for me to stay on some days, free of my training sessions, at school and to have additional teaching and to pass my fail to attend tests. So my teacher had to do the same for me. She wants me to make up overlooked material so as to raise my knowledge in computers on a level of my classmates. I think that it is a good trait to the teacher.

                At second, a good teacher, whether it will be woman or man, ought to know how to organize classwork in more efficient and right way, is able to maintain discipline and order, to present her- or him- self so that it would be interesting to all to conduct lessons, using a lot of different materials, equipment and teaching methods and attempts, and spend time obtaining of knowledge at an occasion with entertainment. Insistence, but justice – these words can be applied to an image of a perfect teacher, who makes the students work hard and sets high standards. There won’t be any silence in class, if discussed topic doesn’t interests pupils. Here is important the special approach which each teacher appropriate.

                At last I would like to say that in my concepts good teacher is always friendly and helpful to his or her colleagues, and that is as well important keeps in contact with the parents of his or her pupils and lets them participate in the life of the school. Letting the students share his or her own life with all ups and downs and to be interested in his or her students, asking them about their homes and tries to help where possible, openly admitting when you has made a mistake or does not know something, is a great plus to the teachers individuality too.

                Having good relation-, partner- or even friend- ships with a teacher is your future achievement in you own learning and existence organize. This is my conclusion.

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    Категория: Рефераты, курсовые, дипломные по английскому языку скачать | Добавил: f531 (29.07.2009)
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