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    open the brackets and put the verbs in a correct form.

    1) You should (tell) me in advance. Now it is too late to change anything.

    2) Why you ((leave) the cup here? Put it into the fridge.

    3) What you (do)? — I (try) to concentrate.

    4) Where you (work) before you came to this town?

    5) How untidy Tommy and Charlie are. Boys (be) boys.

    6) When you (send) him an invitation?

    7) Oh, I (pour) too much water into the soup. I am afraid I (spoil) it.

    8) When I was young I (eat) too much sweets.

    9) — Why didn’t you pick up the receiver when I called you yesterday? — I (try) to soothe Claire. She was frantic about the broken vase.

    10) If you (tell) all this beforehand I (take) more clothes.

    11) He (say) to be a very talented programmer.

    12) Mary is said (refuse) to marry Tom after the next scandal.

    13) — Do you think Robert is going to manage it? — I do. He is said (gain) a lot of experience when he worked for LH company.

    14) When the concert (start)? — In an hour and a half.  — You (come)?

    15) Dorothy said she would lend me her camera if I (promise) to be very careful.

    16) The terms (be) acceptable, the interested parties are likely to sign the agreement.

    17) My brother promised that when he (come) back from the University, he (take) me to the café.

    18) It not (snow) since last Christmas.

    19) It (snow) since the very morning. Just look at those snowdrifts.

    20) The animal looked so ferocious that the hunter was afraid (kill).


    Keys: 1) have told; 2) have left; 3) are you doing; am trying; 4) had worked; 5) will be; 6) did you send; 7) have poured; 8) ate; 9) was trying; 10) had told; would have taken; 11) is said; 12) to have refused;  13) to have gainded; 14) does start; are you coming; 15) promised; 16) being; 17) came; would take; 18) hasn’t snowed; 19) has been snowing; 20) to be killed;

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