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    упражнения по английскому языку [886]

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    Ex. 8. Comment on the nouns in bold type.
    1. Harrods has so much to offer. Vintage  wines and sparkling   champagne, rustic country  pates and silky smooth terrines, delicate scented teas and subtle infusions, buttery  shortbread biscuits and rich fruity jams, robust pickles and tangy relishes, mature farmhouse  cheddars and crumbly stiltons, hams and smoked salmon which melts in the mouth — all  presented in traditional wicker baskets or Harrods boxes. The only thing Harrods can't supply is  the weather! 2. Good wines are the best buys before Christmas. 3.1 dropped in at the  supermarket and bought a few cold meats, and I also made a salad. 4. Fruit juices are ideal in  hot weather. 5. My Granny makes four jams every year. 6.1 used to eat  toast with orange  marmalade. 7. France has an excellent range of cheeses. 8. A set menu in this Chinese cafe  consists of four soups. I prefer a Singaporean seafood soup. It tastes and smells terrific. 9.  Herbal teas are my favourite. 10. This shop sells fine foods. 11. The finest rums come from  Puerto Rico. 12.1 always have a beer while watching television.  13. Can I offer you something? Coffee, tea, a soda, perhaps?  14. Tea is our most social and sociable drink — a part of our daily life for well over 300 years.
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