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    Главная » 2011 » Март » 11 » Английский язык для школьников №9
    Английский язык для школьников №9
    Английский язык для школьников №9
    1. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в нужном времени:
    The London police were looking for a criminal who (rob) a bank. One day
    they (catch) him and (take) him to prison. But while they (take)
    photographs of him from the front, from the left, from the right, with a hat,
    without a hat — he suddenly (attack) one of the policemen and (run away)
    Then a week later the telephone (ring) in the police station and somebody
    (say) : "You (look for) _ _ Ben Jackson, aren't you?" - - "Yes." -
    "Well, he (be) at Victoria Station an hour ago. He (leave, probably)
    London by now."
    The city police immediately (send) four different photos of the robber to
    the railway police. All the trains (search) .
    Less than two hours later they (get) a telephone call from a small town not
    far from London. "We (catch) three of the men," they (say)
    happily, "and we (hope) to catch the fourth very soon."
    to rob — грабить

    2. Задайте 5 вопросов к тексту "They Overdid It":

    3. Из четырех вариантов (А), (В), (С), (D) выберите единственно правильный:
    1. Charlie Chaplin was fond his friends.
    (A) to imitate (C) imitating
    (B) imitate (D) of imitating
    2. Moscow has ' beautiful buildings and monuments.
    (A) a lot (C) a great deal
    (B) much (D) many
    3. We'll start our tour from Trafalgar Square is the geographical
    centre of London.
    (A) which (C) where
    (B) whose (D) there
    4. I've decided to university when I finish school.
    (A) go (C) to go
    (B) going (D) that I go
    5. Jimmy couldn't come to the lesson, ?
    (A) could he (C) did he
    (B) couldn't he (D) didn't he
    6. Everybody that smoking is dangerous.
    (A) know (C) is knowing
    (B) knows (D) is known
    7. If you help me, we finish the job much sooner.
    (A) can to (C) will be able
    (B) could (D) will be able to
    8. A hundred years life was very different.
    (A) before (C) ago
    (B) previously (D) later
    9. How long are you going to at the hotel?
    (A) leave (C) put up
    (B) stay (D) occupy
    10. When from Moscow University?
    (A) did you graduate (C) have you graduated
    (B) did you graduated (D) were you graduating
    11. It's very cold today. Don't forget to put your coat.
    (A) off (C)on
    (B) of (D) out
    12. When I arrived my boss .
    (A) has already left (C) already left
    (B) had already left (D) was leaving yet
    13. I'm hungry. I haven't had breakfast this morning.
    (A) some (C) no
    (B) a (D) any
    14. Pete is man I've ever met.
    (A) the most handsome (C) a most handsome
    (B) most handsome (D) most the handsome
    15. He a lot of time reading poetry.
    (A) used to spending (C) used spending
    (B) used to spend (D) used on spending
    16. Nick hasn't found a job .
    (A) too (C) neither
    (B)also (D) either
    17. I'm afraid I have _ _ bad news for you.
    (A) a (C) some
    (B) the (D) any
    18. Do you know ?
    (A) when St Valentine's Day is (C) St Valentine's Day is when
    (B) when is St Valentine's Day (D) St Valentine's Day, when is it
    19. The book next year.
    (A) publishes (C) will publish
    (B) is published (D) will be published •
    20.1 have never seen an interesting film.
    (A) so (C)very
    (B) such (D)too
    21. When are you planning to leave
    (A) for
    (D) through
    22. What when I rang you up yesterday?
    (A) you were doing
    (B) were you doing
    (C) did you do
    (D) did you
    23. Ann and Alice are twins. They are very much .
    (A) look like (C) alike
    (B) like (D) liking
    24. Susan is a very old friend of .
    (A) my (C) me
    (B) mine (D) her
    25. Will you help me to the table?
    (A) lay (C) lain
    (B) lie (D) laid
    26. I'll be in Paris.
    (A) The day tomorrow (C) After tomorrow
    (B) The day after tomorrow (D) The day before yesterday
    27.1 haven't been to the Bolshoi theatre many years.
    (A) since (C) for
    (B) after (D) while
    28. Mary has beautiful hair!
    (A) such (C) so
    (B) such a (D) a
    29. Washington was
    (A) find
    (B) finded
    30. You'd better
    in 1790.
    it at once.
    (A) to do
    (B) not to do
    (C) found
    (D) founded
    (D) doing

    3. Перед вами отрывок из письма от вашего английского друга. Прочтите его и
    напишите ответ (10-15 предложений):
    "I am planning to visit your country next year. I would like to see as much as
    possible. Unfortunately, I'll be able to stay for about 10 days. What advice
    would you give me? Where should I go? What should I see? What time of year
    do you think I should come?"

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