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    If your holiday is below expectations...

    Read the article and mark the statements below as either "True” or "False”

    For the next few weeks, tour operators will be sortingthrough the annual deluge ofcomplaints. Ron Wheal, head of customer realtions for Britain’s biggest holiday company abroad this summer says, "Holidaymakers are complaining about petty, silly little things”. Such as? "The fact that their hotel is next to a road. How do they expect to get to their hotel if is’t not next to a road?”

    Perhaps one of the most common complaints is that the holiday fails to live up to the brochure promises. A family from Berkshire with two young children were attracted by a two-week package in a three-star hotel that was described as "friendly” and "particularly suitable for families with children”. It offered "cots, baby-minding, high chairs and early suppers.” When they arrived, the hotel was not up to three star standard, the staff were rude and the promised facilities for children were practically nonexistant.

    An initial complaint which had been sent to the holiday company by the family was asnwered with an "ex-gratia” payment of &30. With the help of a consumer magazine, the family issued a summons claiming &500 — which the holiday company eventually met in full.

    One of the big travel successes of recent years has been the "gite” holiday; a gite is self-catering accomodation in France, often on a farm. The director of the Gite de France’s London office recently received a telephone call from one client furious about cows that passed in front of her gite. Was she complaining about the mess? "No,she was angry because the cows used to stop and look at her as they went past the window.”

    Britain’s biggets seller of long-distance holidays says that the majority of its complaints come from people who have chosen the wrong sort of holiday. People who fail to do their research could find themselves in the Caribbeanduring the hurricane season.

    Mr. Wheal says that if someone really wants action over a spoilt holiday, "they should try to sort it out with a holiday company representative there and then.” Those who complain to the tour operator on their return and are unhappy with the response, can take their case to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) which will provide conciliation facilities free of charge.


    A. Ron Wheal thinks most of the complaints his company receives are reasonable.

    B. The most frequent complaint is that a holiday is of a lower standard than expected.

    C. The family from Berkshire expected that someone would be available to look after their young children.

    D. The first thing they did was to write a letter of complaint to the company.

    E. The company paid &500 as soon as they receives the letter.

    F. If you stay at a gite, you have to prepare your own meals.

    G. The gite client complained because she was afraid of cows.

    H. The long-distance holiday company suggests that holidaymakers should find out about the area they intend to visit.

    I. Mr. Wheal advises people to deal with problems as soon as they occur.

    J. He suggests that people with complaints should contact ABTA as soon as they return home.

    Keys: A. False; B. True; C; True; D. True; E. False; F. True; G. False; H; True; I; True; J. False;

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