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    Главная » 2011 » Март » 11 » Английский язык для школьников №14
    Английский язык для школьников №14
    Английский язык для школьников №14
    1. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в нужном времени:
    On Wednesday I had an important interview for a job. I (get up) at 7
    o'clock in the morning and (shave) carefully. I (put on) my best
    jacket and trousers. I (must, travel) by train, so I (walk)
    to the station.
    On my way I (see) a man who (paint) his fence with red paint.
    The man (notice, not) me: he (look) ' at the fence. Then he (turn)
    suddenly and (splash) my beautiful trousers! The man
    (apologise) to me, but the damage (already, do) .
    "If I (go) home, I (be late) for the interview," I (think)
    . There (be) a department store not far from the station, so I
    (decide) to buy a new pair.
    I (find) a nice pair of trousers and since I (be) in a hurry, I (decide)
    to change on the train. The shop (be) .full, so I (pay)
    hurriedly for my trousers, (take) • my shopping bag and (leave) .
    I (arrive) at the station just in time to catch the train. Now I (be sure)
    that I (be late, not) l_ for the interview. I (smile)
    happily at an elderly lady who (stare) at my trousers and (go)
    to the toilet to change. I (throw) my stained trousers out of the
    window. Then I (open) the bag to get my new ones, but all I (find)
    was a pink woollen sweater!

    2. Задайте 5 вопросов к тексту "An Interview for a Job ":

    3. Из четырех вариантов (А), (В), (С), (D) выберите единственно правильный:
    1. Can you imagine in 2050?
    (A) what life will be like (C) what will be life like
    (B) what will be life (D) what life was like
    2. The Internent is inventions in history.
    (A) one of the most important (C) one most important
    (B) one of most important (D) one of the importantest
    3. Many of Agatha Christie's novels .
    (A) made into films (C) have been made into films
    (B) have made into films (D) into filmsvwere made
    4. Let's go to the disco, ?
    (A) don't we (C) won't we
    (B) let us (D) shall we?
    5. Ann was standing at the bus stop waiting a number 41 bus.
    (A) for (C) at
    (B)— (D)to
    6. There aren't easy ways of learning a foreign language.
    (A) some (C) any
    (B) no (D) the
    7. He said that he Spielberg's new film yet.
    (A) hasn't seen (C) hadn't seen
    (B) didn't see (D) wasn't seen
    8. Mother told me the door to anyone.
    (A)not open (C) not open
    (B) that I won't open (D) not to open
    9. Doctors help people.
    (A) ill (C) dead
    (B) sick (D) serious
    10.1 this car for a year.
    (A) have (C) am having
    (B) have had (D) have been having
    11. When in London?
    (A) have you arrived
    (B) did you arrive
    (C) you have arrived
    (D) you arrived
    12.1 enjoyed
    (A) myself
    (B) oneself
    very much at Ann's party.
    (C) self
    13. I'm sorry I'm late. It's all my
    (A) fault
    (B) guilt
    14. It's the restaurant
    (A) who
    (B) what
    15. Many Scottish people
    (A) yet
    (B) already
    16. It's time
    (C) crime
    (D) shortcoming
    serves Chinese food.
    (C) that
    use some Scottish words when they speak
    (A) that we have a break
    (B) to have a break
    17.1 don't want there alone.
    (A) that you go
    (B) you going
    (C) still
    (D) else
    (C) we will have break
    (D) having a break
    (C) you go
    (D) you to go
    18. Hamlet , "To be or not to be, that is the question.'
    (A) told
    (B) talked
    19. Our teacher the text again.
    (A) made us to read
    (B) make us read
    (C) said
    (C) made us reading
    (D) made us read
    20.1 find it difficult to talk to Alan because we have so in common.
    (A) few
    (B) small
    (C) little
    (D) less
    21. How long Spanish?
    (A) you study
    (B) have you studying
    22. Dolphins are so intelligent
    (A) that
    23. My father gave up
    (A) to smoke
    (B) smoke
    24. Millions of people study English
    (A) for
    (B) like
    25. My father always gives me
    (A) good advices
    (B) the good advice
    (C) have you been studied
    (D) have you been studying
    that they can communicate with people.
    (D) because
    three weeks ago.
    (C) smoking
    (D) smokes
    a foreign language.
    (D) because

    4. Напишите 10-15 предложений на
    1. The advantages and disadvantages
    2. What does the future hold?
    3. Our planet is our home.
    4. We are what we eat.
    (C) a good advice
    (D) good advice
    одну из предложенных ниже тем:
    of the Internet.

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