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    Краеведческие материалы для урока английского языка
    ALAMNER –WATCH HILL СТОРЖЕВАЯ ГОРА Do you know how the ancient Mari people lived? Do you wish to feel the atmosphere of Middle Ages, to learn about the way of life of your ancestors, and to witness the battle of ancient warriors? Here is your CHANCE!
    • The Mount of Alamner is situated on the right-hand bank of the Volga in Mountain Mari region (Gornomariyski Rayon) of the Mari El Republic.
    • From the top of the mount one can have a stunning view of the Volga, which is 20 kilometres wide in this place.
    • A recently discovered site of ancient settlement proves that the place was a political, cultural and trade centre of ancient Mari people in the 11-15 centuries. • The archaeologists uncovered the remnants of a moat and ramparts, typical features of medieval fortresses. • Among other archaeological finds are shards of pottery, fragments of metal decorations, weapons of ancient warriors.
    • The church that you see in the picture above was constructed much later than the medieval fortress. • The construction of the first churches and cathedrals in the area is associated with the annexation of Mari lands to the Russian State and the policy of forced Christianization of Mari people who were pagans. It’s interesting to know that Mari El is the only area in Europe where paganism has survived up to the present days
    · Nowadays Alamner is the place where festivals of medieval culture are held, which is a good way to discover the way of life and cultural heritage of Middle Ages. · Festivals include historical reconstructions of ancient battles, meetings with archaeologists, master-classes in traditional crafts, such as weaving, hand spinning, pottery, etc. · History fans come to Alamner from different parts of the country bringing traditions typical of their areas. · So festival guests have a chance to see ‘revived Vikings’, ‘Russian warriors’ and ‘ancient Mari settlers’ all together.
    · What did an ancient warrior look like? · He was wearing a helmet, a coat of mail or leather armour and gauntlets to protect his head, body and hands. · He was carrying a shield in one hand while the other hand was gripping a lance or a sword or some other weapon to attack and strike down enemies.
    · Archery used to be very important both in the battle fields and on hunting grounds. Hunters used their bows and arrows so skillfully that they could hit into the eye of a squirrel.
    · While men were fighting or hunting, women were busy running the house, working in the fields or with handicrafts.
     · Ancient women were good not only at cooking and preserving food for long winters but also at making potteries, sewing and embroidering clothes, spinning yarn, weavings baskets and bringing up their children.
    · So where can our contemporaries know about all these interesting things? Surely from books, and television, and the Internet.
    · But what could make their impressions more vivid and unforgettable is live archeology, an exciting way to revive the past.
    Разработчик Задворных Г.Г.
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