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    Главная » 2011 » Март » 11 » Английский язык для школьников №21
    Английский язык для школьников №21
    Английский язык для школьников №21

    1. Прочтите текст "What Happened to the Dinosaurs" и выберите единственно правильный ответ.
    Science may never answer the most puzzling question. What killed these
    mighty creatures?
    One of the most popular theories about the death of the dinosaurs is that the
    world just grew too cold for them. Indeed, for large, cold-blooded creatures,
    even a few nights of cold could spell death.
    Not everyone agrees that a change in weather would have been enough to kill
    the dinosaurs.
    The latest development in the debate amongst scientists about what killed the
    prehistoric dinosaurs is the suggestion that acid rain was the cause. Some
    geologists suggest that a large meteor hitting the earth at 65 kilometres per
    second would have led to strongly acidic rain falling all over the world. These
    geologists calculated that if an ice-rich meteor weighing 12.5 million billion
    kilograms, hit the Earth, it would shock-heat the atmosphere enough to produce
    huge amounts of nitrogen oxides. This would result, they say, in strongly acid
    rain around the world. If the meteor were travelling more slowly, or if it were
    more rock-like in structure, this strongly acid rain would be limited to a small
    area so that the world effect would be much less important. However, other
    groups of researchers have suggested that volcanoes, rather than meteors, could
    have produced these heavy doses of acid rain, but over a much longer period —
    over 10,000 years.
    The idea of a great asteroid or comet crash is fascinating. But it would mean
    the dinosaurs would all have been killed within a very short time — perhaps
    over a few months or years. What if the dinosaurs did not die out so quickly?
    Many scientists think that the dinosaurs had started to die off millions of years
    before the end of the Cretaceous Period. And even more amazing, fossils have
    been found in the United States and southern China that might show dinosaurs
    lived long after they were supposed to have disappeared!
    Could the death of the dinosaurs have been caused by their moving into new
    areas? Illness and disease can be carried by travelling animals. Is it possible that
    dinosaurs and other creatures died of terrible diseases caught from other animals?
    If this was what ended the dinosaurs, does this mean there was no asteroid or
    comet crash? Some scientists think the dinosaurs might have been affected by such
    an object from outer space, but only when they were already in trouble. Ill and
    dying the dinosaurs might have looked up to see a fiery ball falling from the sky.
    If so, it might just have sealed the dinosaurs' fate.

    Вопросы к тексту:
    1. Which of the following sentences best describes the main idea contained in
    the passage?
    (A) Scientists know for sure that a sudden and unexpected event killed
    all the dinosaurs on the earth.
    (B) There are several theories about the dinosaurs' death, but none of them can
    explain why they disappeared so suddenly from the earth's surface.
    (C) Some of the theories about the dinosaurs' death are more fascinating
    than others, but none is certain.
    (D) The dinosaurs' death can be explained if we combine two theories together.
    2. What do some geologists think would happen if a large piece of ice-rich meteor hit
    the earth at great speed?
    (A) A huge volcano would be formed.
    (B) 12.5 million billion kg of nitrogen oxide would be produced.
    (C) Strongly acidic rain would result all over the world.
    (D) The heat would kill all living things in the area.
    3. The geologists think that if a rocky meteor hit the earth it would
    (A) have little effect on things living nearby.
    (B) have very long-lasting effect.
    (C) take a long time to have any effect.
    (D) not have any important world-wide effects.
    4. Which of the following is true?
    (A) Volcanoes couldn't produce heavy doses of acid rain for a long time.
    (B) The idea of a meteor would mean that the dinosaurs were killed within a
    few months or years.
    (C) The dinosaurs had started to die off millions of years before the end of the
    Jurassic Period.
    (D) The dinosaurs were cold-blooded that's why they liked cold weather.
    5. The speed of the meteor that might have hit the earth was about
    (A) 12.5 million kilometres per second.
    (B) 85 kilometres per second.
    (C) 65 hundred kilometres per second.
    (D) 65 kilometres per second.
    6. Which of the following was not mentioned in the text?
    (A) A large meteor could produce a strong acid rain.
    (B) A volcano could produce a strong acid rain.
    (C) Fossils have been found in southern Korea and some states.
    (D) A comet might have hit the earth when the dinosaurs were in trouble.

    3. Из четырех вариантов (А), (В), (С), (D) выберите единственно правильный:
    One evening I 1 home 2 a quiet dark street in a suburb
    of London. 3_ man stopped me and asked for a lift. I agreed and he
    got 4 the car beside me.
    5 I drove I suddenly remembered 6 headlines I
    7 in the popular newspapers, describing the activities of thieves and
    murderers. I 8 suspicious of the man sitting 9 .
    I 10 in my pocket for my gold watch, and, sure enough, the watch
    11 ! So the newspapers were right after all!
    Luckily, I 12 a pistol in the car. It was not loaded, but that did not
    matter. Stopping the car I quickly 13 the pistol. Pushing the pistol
    into the man's ribs I 14 give 15 .
    It was 16 to see the man's reaction. He was a very strange robber!
    All trembling and shaking, he handed me the watch. "Now, get out, quick!" I
    ordered. He rushed 17 car and ran like a rabbit.
    Proud of my presence of mind I drove home. 18 later I was
    undressing to go to bed and suddenly I 19 my dressing table. What do
    you think I 20 there? My watch which I 21 to put on!

    1. (A)drived (C) had driven
    (B) was driving (D) had been driving
    2. (A) along (C) at
    (B) over (D) to

    112 TEST 21
    (A) —
    (B) А
    (A), of
    (B) on
    (A) Since
    (B) For
    (A) all
    (A) have recently seen
    (B) recently saw
    (A) began feel
    (B) began to feel
    (A) next to me
    (B) at me
    (A) was feeling
    (B) fell
    (A) disappeared
    (B) had disappeared
    (A) had
    (B) have had
    (A) have taken out
    (B) was taken out
    (A) ordered his to
    (B) ordered him to
    (A) the watch me
    (B) to me the watch
    (A) amused
    (B) amusing
    (A) out of
    (C) The
    (D) Some of
    (D) into
    (D) As soon as
    (C) all the
    (C) have recently been seen
    (D) had recently seen
    (C) has begun to feel
    (D) had begun to feel
    (C) next me
    (D) near to me
    (C) had felt
    (D) felt
    (C) was disappeared
    (D) has disappeared
    (C) had had
    (D) have got
    (C) was taken out
    (D) took out
    (C) ordered him
    (D) ordered to him to
    (C) me the watch
    (D) the watch
    (C) amusingly
    (D) amusable
    (C) out
    (A) Sometimes
    (B) Some times
    (A) looked for
    (B) looked at
    (A) saw
    (B) was seeing
    (A) forgot
    (C) Sometime
    (D) Some time
    (C) looked after
    (D) looked into
    (C) had seen
    (D) was seen
    (C) had forgotten
    (D) was forgetting (B) have forgotten

    One day Mr and Mrs Wilson took Frank, their 1 , to a toy shop. It
    was a good shop with 2 best toys. They bought some good toys and
    were _3 the shop, when Frank saw a wooden rocking-horse. He got on
    it and refused to leave the shop.
    " 4 ". said a shop assistant to the parents. "We have a psychologist
    here. He will 5 you at once."
    And indeed, a distinguished-looking man came out. He smiled politely, came
    up to the horse and whispered 6 words into the boy's ear.
    Immediately the boy got down, took his mother's hand and went out.
    " 7 much of psychology until now", said Mr Wilson. "Now I think,
    it's the science of the future! What did the gentleman tell you, Frank?"
    "If you 8 that horse, I'll cut your throat with a razor."

    (A) five-years-old son
    (B) five-year-age son
    (A) much
    (B) a lot of
    (A) nearly to leave
    (B) about to leave
    (A) No worry
    (B) Not to worry
    (A) make the child obey
    (B) do the child to obey
    (C) five-year-old son
    (D) five-year son
    (C) little
    (D) many of
    (C) nearly leave
    (D) about leaving
    (C) Not worry
    (D) Don't worry
    (C) make the child to obey
    (D) make the child obeying
    6. (A) any (C) a few
    (B) some of the (D) few
    7. (A) I am not thinking (C) I haven't thought
    (B) I never think (D) I don't think
    8. (A) don't get off (C) not to get off
    (B) won't get off (D) didn't get off

    3. Выполните письменно следующее задание:
    Write a short paragraph (10-12 sentences) about an interesting British, American or
    Russian tradition.

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