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    Here are some facts, basing on which you are to write 2 texts.
    You will get extra scores for adding extra extensions, details, descriptions or dialogues between the characters: 1) an ironic and humorous one, to amuse the readers 2) a sentimental one, to arouse feelings
    a) A man was fishing in winter, sitting on ice not far from the river bank. He also had an old fur rug, wrapped into an accurate bundle, lying on the ice by his side, which his wife had asked to throw away, because it only collected dust and didn’t make their bedroom look better. The man intended to throw it away on the way back.
      Suddenly a big fish bated. The man jerked, made an awkward movement, and the rug slid down into the water. It didn’t sink at once, though, and lingered on the surface for some time. Another man, passing by, saw something fall into the ice hole. Thinking that it was a human being, he rushed forward and fished out the rug. He got wet and was expecting gratitude from the fisherman. But the owner of the rug was irritated because now he would have to carry the wet heavy icy rug to the place where he could dispose of it.
    b) A childless family couple had a cat which they loved very much. They didn’t notice, though, that the cat developed a habit to sleep in a wardrobe. Once they couldn’t find the cat. They didn’t look for him in the wardrobe because the door was shut, though they didn’t notice a slight slit left between the door and the wardrobe itself. They thought the cat had slipped out of the falt, unnoticed, and went to look for him in the yard.
    The cat meanwhile got out of the wardrobe, found his bowl with the food left for him and got back into the wardrobe to sleep. The couple got back home, saw the empty bowl and no cat. They were upset, but thought that some house elf had eaten the cat’s food. They didn’t see the cat at night and the first half of the next day. At noon they went to look for him again. The cat meanwhile became hungry, but found no food. When the couple got back gome they saw the cat sitting near his bowl and mewing angrily. They were convinced that it was the house-elf playing with their cat.
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