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    Where to publish a scientific article (how to choose a journal for publications provided by a graduate student)

    For many people the desire to continue their education and development in graduate school is unclear. It is much simpler and more practical to get a degree, get a job and say goodbye forever to your alma mater and its libraries. But many students long before the state exams are determined to attend graduate school not just by inertia, to communicate or because of self-love, but in order to discover their purpose and understand scientific nature of the world. Many of them continue to engage in scientific activities all their life after graduation, despite the fact that a degree is not an additional advantage when seeking employment.

    In scientific activities there is an important and enjoyable question – publication of your research results. During the second or third year you get to discover something new, important and deep and you, as a scientist and as an author, have to publish your scientific achievements. Agree, it is nice to see a publication of your work on the pages of a respected scientific journal. But it will be doubly frustrating if you send an article to a journal and publish it there, and then it turns out that this edition is minor and even rejected by the scientific community.

    In the world of scientific publications there are two processes aimed at each other: scientists search for magazines to publish their studies and the journals try to find the desired quality profile articles. There is a constant competition between scientists and magazines: the first want to be published in the best journals, the second want to publish more and have better articles.

    Beginner scientists are not experienced in this kind of race. In the very beginning they harbor hopes to publish at least somewhere and act very simply when looking for an answer to the – where to publish a scientific article. They search the Internet for lists of scientific journals and try to find something suitable based on the subject and terms of publication. Young scientists rarely think about the consequences of choosing randomly. Below we will describe a number of criteria by which to filter journals for your first scientific publication.

    1. After selecting magazines of interest, find out the frequency of their publishing first. Magazines can be published monthly or once a year, as long as the next issue or the issue to which your article is planned meets the deadline, which is required for you to publicize your achievements. This may be the date of annual evaluation, defense of thesis, dissertation, etc. Remember that any magazine can fail, so pick a magazine that you can get a month before the desired date. Then you will not lose time and will not break deadlines.
    2. After finding out issue dates of your magazine, specify how long it takes to send authors’ copies, what is the mechanism for sending and how it is set up by the edition. There are cases where stalls last for months. When you need to get your copy quickly, you have to pre-negotiate it with the publisher, and to understand how it will be done, by you or by the magazine.
    3. Examine the outputs of selected magazines: information about the founder and the publisher, address of the edition, print run and contact telephone numbers.
    4. Check the requirements on how to write a scientific article in this journal. Sometimes magazines ask for something individual, but usually it is limited to a review and compliance with formatting rules.

    So, choosing a journal for publication of your first work is an exciting thing for all new authors. Of all these recommendations we can make one conclusion: the most important thing is for your material to be edited and published at the right time.

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