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    Главная » 2011 » Март » 11 » Английский язык для школьников №8
    Английский язык для школьников №8
    Английский язык для школьников №8
    1. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в нужном времени:
    Three men (come) to New York. They (arrive) at a very
    large hotel and (take) a room there. Their room (be) on the
    forty-fifth floor.
    In the evening the three men (go) to the theatre and (come)
    ' back to the hotel very late.
    "I (be) _ _ very sorry," (say) _ the clerk of the hotel, "but our
    lifts (work, not) tonight. If you (want, not) to walk
    upstairs to your room we (make) beds for you in the hall."
    "No, no," (say) _ one of the three men. "No, thank you. We (want, not)
    to sleep in the hall. We (walk) up to our room."
    Then he (tell) _ _ his two friends, "It (be, not) easy to walk
    up to the forty-fifth floor, but I (think) I (know) how to
    make it easier. On our way to the room I (tell) you some jokes. Andy (sing)
    us some songs. Then Peter (tell) us some interesting stories."
    So they (begin) to walk upstairs to their room. Tom (tell)
    them many jokes, Andy (sing) some songs. At last they (come)
    to the thirty-fourth floor. They (be) tired and (decide)
    to have a rest.
    "Well," (say) Tom, "now it (be) your turn, Peter." "I (tell)
    you a sad story," (say) Peter. "We (leave) the
    key to our room in the hall."

    2. Задайте пять вопросов к тексту "A Sad Story":

    3. Из четырех вариантов (А), (В), (С), (D) выберите единственно правильный:
    1. The English are famous
    (A) of
    (B) for
    2. I'd like
    (A) you join us
    (B) you to join us
    3. Oxford and Cambridge are
    (A) older
    (B) oldest
    4. The weather was fine and we
    their tea and their weather.
    (D) about
    (C) you joining us
    (D) your join to us
    universities in Great Britain.
    (C) the oldest
    (D) the most oldest
    (A) decided to go to the park
    (B) decided going to the park
    5. John is studying contemporary art,
    (A) doesn't he
    (B) isn't it
    6. The Guinness Book of Records
    (C) have decided to go to the park
    (D) decided that we go to the park
    (C) is he
    (D) isn't he
    in the 50s.
    (A) first published
    (B) has first been published
    (C) was first published
    (D) were first published
    7. is known of Julius Caesar's education except that he studied Greek
    and Latin literature with a tutor.
    (A) something
    (B) anything
    8. John came to see me
    (A) another day
    (B) the other day
    9. Chopin began to take piano lessons
    (A) in the age of six
    (B) at 6 ages old
    (C) nothing
    . It was last Monday, I think.
    (C) other day
    (D) the day before other
    (C) at 6 years old
    (D) at the age of 6
    10. She' s got a dark
    (A) hair
    (B) complexion
    (C) eyes
    (D) build • ,
    11. The Hermitage a priceless collection of pictures.
    (A) contains (C) containing
    (B) is contained (D) is containing
    12. It was a very difficult text. I look up a lot of words in the
    (A) must (C) was able
    (B) had to (D) had
    13. People say that the Loch Ness Monster doesn't look like other animal
    alive today.
    (A) some (C) any
    (B) no (D) anyone
    14. When the teacher came in, the children .
    (A) danced (C) had been dancing
    (B) have been dancing (D) were dancing
    15. Though Christmas is celebrated on December 25, the actual date of Christ's birth
    (A) not known (C) is known not
    (B) is not known (D) not to be known
    16. What's , Steve?
    (A) matter (C) problem
    (B) wrong (D) happen
    17. Is there snow in England in winter?
    (A) many (C) few
    (B) much (D) large
    18. His first novel is much more interesting his second one.
    (A) than (C) as
    (B) then (D) before
    19. Napoleon didn't succeed in conquering Russia and .
    (A) Hitler didn't too (C) neither did Hitler
    (B) Hitler did neither (D) neither didn't Hitler
    20. Romeo fell in love Juliet at first sight.
    (A) for (C) on
    (B) about (D) with
    21. Nobody to the dentist.
    (A) enjoy to go (C) enjoy going
    (B) enjoys go (D) enjoys going
    22. "Who the window?" the teacher asked angrily.
    (A) did break (C) broken
    (B) broke (D) breaked
    23. If I don't know this or that word, I look it in the dictionary.
    (A) at (C) up
    (B) in (D) for
    24. Your behaviour makes your father .
    (A) anger (C) angry
    (B) angrily (D) to be angry
    25. I wouldn't buy that coat.
    (A) If I were you (C) On your place
    (B) If I would be you (D) If I was instead of you
    26. All Tom's friends were sorry him when he failed his entrance exams.
    (A) for (C) with
    (B) about (D) at
    27. My sister and I visit our grandparents every Saturday.
    (A) sometimes (C) ever
    (B) often (D) usually
    28. Where are you going to stay when in London?
    (A) you be (C) you are
    (B) you will (D) you will be
    29. Hurry up! The train leaves in half an hour.
    (A) last (C) least
    (B) latest (D) latter
    30. I've never seen
    (A) her to dance (C) she dances
    (B) her dance (D) she is dancing

    4. Напишите 10-15 предложений на одну из предложенных ниже тем:
    1. Television, its advantages and disadvantages.
    2. The future of work.
    3. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
    4. My hobby.

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