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    Stay vs Remain
       Stay or remain? Fill in the gaps with the words either of the words in the correct form.

    1.    Not much of the picture _________________ after the maniac had poured some acid on it.

    2.    Where are you __________________?

    3.    A lot of work _____________________to be done.

    4.    The warriors __________________ loyal to their king.

    5.    We’ve been _______________ too long. We’d better go.

    6.    The museum _________________ open until 7 p.m.

    7.    I’d rather _____________ in tonight, I don’t feel like going out.

    8.    Will you __________________ seated, please.

    9.    I have dealt with most questions, but a few small problems _______________.

    10. The only ____________________ question is where to go.

    11. We had to ____________ the night at their flat.

    12. Is it all right if I _____________ over?

    13. His one _________________ bullet made him both calm and nervous.

    14. Who is ________________ with you? – My father-in-law is.

    15. She ________________ with her friend until she stopped crying.

    16. _________________ away from me!

    17. The question ______________________ the same.

    18. It ________________ to be said that you have done a great job.

    19. I’m going to ______________ in Rome for a couple of days.

    20. It will _____________extremely hot for the next few days.

    21. This woman will _______________________ one of the greatest mysteries.

    22. The few ____________________ apples were given to the children.

    23. Will you ____________ with me tonight? I’m frightened.

    24. My granny wants me to ____________ at home and take care of her.

    25. _____________ there! I’ll come up to you.

    26. Promise me that it will _________________ our secret.

    27. Due to his character, he can’t _______________ in the same job for more than six months.

    28. It’s difficult to __________________ friends after divorce.

    29. You’d better ______________away from highways until you drive well enough. 

    30. He has __________________ the same.
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