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    Test your vocabulary

    1. The accused man was proved to be innocent and was______

    a. liberated   b.excused  c. interned  d. acquitted

    2. There was a very suspicious charecter _______ in the shadows.

    a. lurking  b. peeping  c. peering  d. awaiting

    3. For a moment it was difficult to see through the _______ of the headlights.

    a.shimmer   b. glare  c. glow  d. glaze 

    4. The speaker was noted for his clear ___________ of words.

    a. enunciation   b. interpretation  c. announcement  d. accentuation

    5. It ________ reins whenever I go out without my umbrella.

    a. continually  b. invariably c. typically  d. infallibly

    6. Don't waste your time trying to explain John his behavior; he's totally _________ of a sence of tact.

    a.deficient   b. missing  c. devoid d. lacking

    7. The old man's __________ body presented really pitiful picture.

    a. flimsy  b. lanky  c. sparse d. emaciated

    8. When the picture accidentally fell and hit him on his toe, he let out ________ which could be heard from the outside.

    a. swearin  b. a cursor   c. a squeak  d. an expelite

    9. The printer in our office needs a complete ________ The copies are horrible.

    a. maintenance  b. repair  c. everhaul  d. renovation

    10. A prominent public figure was _______ as co-respondent in the divorse case.

    a. cited b. included c. accused  d. linked

    11. They used to say that their granny was a wonderful talker. She really had the gift of the _______.

    a. bard  b. words   c. gab  d. Gods

    12. Some men are to _________ to cry because of their upbringing.

    a. restrained  b. inhibited  c. stiff  d. controlled

    13. Technology is advancing so rapidly nowadays that computer devices and other machines seem to be ________ over a short period of time.

    a. antiquated  b. irreparable  c. disused   d. obsolate

    14. When she first met him she didn't speak a word of English. She had to pick up the language from the ________

    a. scratch   b. start  c. nought  d. nil

    15. We decided to _________ the final decision until the director's arrival.

    a. adjourn  b. cancel  c. defer  d. suspend

    16. After cramming for his exam he was completely _______--

    a. done in  b. done up  c. broken down  d. used up

    17. I strongly doubt that he could make up a goog instructor. It seems that he has __________ knowledge fo the subject himself.

    a. fundamental  b. primary  c. elemental  d. rudimentary

    18. Any aggressive act on their part now would be __________ to war.

    a. tantamount  b. parallel  c. commensurate  d. camparable

    19. We tried our hardest to make them to ______ the sourse of thier information. But all our attempts were in vain.

    a. release  b. divulge  c. expose  d. admit

    20. The plain leaves at 8.00. It is __________ that the actress is at the airport no later that 6.30.

    a. imperative  b. urgent  c. desired  d. inescapable

    Key:1.d; 2. a;3.b; 4.a; 5.b; 6.c; 7.d; 8.d;9.c; 10.a; 11.c; 12. b; 13. d; 14.a; 15. c; 16.a; 17. d; 18. a; 19.b; 20.a.

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