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    Pre Intermediate [18]

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    Gapped text
    One summer morning Madeline and George went to a picnic. When they (1_____ to go) out of the town, George stopped to buy a basket with cherries from an old man. The man looked at them mysteriously and said that they not (2 _____ to expect) how wonderful the contents of his basket (3 _____ to be).

    The young people (4 ____ to come) to the river. George spread a plaid and Madeline put some sandwiches, cold beef and some apples on it. The day was wonderful They (5____ to look) at the river and (6____ to eat) the cherries. When the cherries always (4____ to eat), Madeline put her hand into the basket and (5____ to find) something hard. (6____ to be) very surprised, she grasped the hard object and took out a big ruby necklace. The stones were the colour of the cherries they (7____ to eat).

    George remembered the strange remark (8____ to make) by the old man (9____ to sell) the cherries. He definitely knew something.

    The young people couldn't guess who the necklace (10____ to put) into the basket by. They were afraid to keep it and Madeline didn't want to give it away.

    But the mystery (11____ to fill) their life gave them a lot of excitement. Later, after they married, they discovered, that it was made of coloured glass, and it was a part of advertising campaign. George became rich and bought his wife expensive jewelery. But this ruby necklace reminded Madeline of their youth.

    KEYS: 1- were  going; 2 - didn't expect; 3 - was; 4 - came; 5 - were looking; 6 - eating; 7 - were eating/had eaten; 8 - made; 9 - selling; 10 - were put; 11 - filling

    Категория: Pre Intermediate | Добавил: philantrop (17.06.2011)
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